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1-Nov-2003Simple self-seeding scheme for generation of wavelength-tunable optical short pulsesWang, D ; Chen, J
1-Jun-2004Widely tunable dual-wavelength optical short pulse generation in a self-seeding schemeWang, D ; Lim, MF
10-Jul-2004Tunable dual-wavelength optical short-pulse generation by use of a fiber Bragg grating and a tunable optical filter in a self-seeding schemeWang, D ; Lim, MF
7-Feb-2005Combined mutual pulse injection-seeding and active mode locking system for wavelength tunable optical short pulse generationFang, X; Wang, D ; Jin, W ; Ho, HL; Tong, FW
1-Apr-2005Generation of continuous wavelength-tunable optical short pulses with two Fabry–Pérot laser diodes in an external injection-seeding schemeWang, D ; Fang, X; Jin, W 
15-Apr-2005Continuous wavelength-tunable optical short-pulse generation by use of two Fabry-Perot laser diodes in a mutual injection-seeding schemeWang, D ; Fang, X; Jin, W 
2007Optimization of receiver filter bandwidth for externally modulated optical MSK dataMo, J; Wen, YJ; Wang, Y; Lu, C ; Zhong, WD
1-Jul-2007Dynamics of gain-guided solitons in an all-normal-dispersion fiber laserZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Zhang, H; Cheng, TH; Tam, HY ; Lu, C 
2008Fiber grating-based fabry-perot filters and applicationsDong, X; Tam, HY ; Shum, P
2008Hybrid fiber grating-based optical comb filtersDong, X; Shao, LY; Tam, HY ; Shum, P
20-May-2008Pressure sensor realized with polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiber-based Sagnac interferometerFu, HY; Tam, HY ; Shao, L; Dong, X; Wai, PKA ; Lu, C ; Khijwania, SK
1-Nov-2008Wavelength-tunable optical short pulses with high sidemode suppression ratio generated by use of Bi-EDFAFang, X; Wang, D 
2009Sensors and devices based on modified microstructure optical fibersJu, J; Jin, W 
2009Characteristics of subcarrier modulation and its application in WDM-PONsXu, Z; Wen, YJ; Zhong, WD; Cheng, TH; Attygalle, M; Cheng, X; Yeo, YK; Wang, Y; Lu, C 
30-Dec-2010Tunable visual color filter using microfluidic gratingLi, ZG; Yang, Y; Zhang, X ; Liu, AQ; Zhang, JB; Cheng, L; Li, ZH