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1997Application of the Manakov-PMD equation to studies of signal propagation in optical fibers with randomly varying birefringenceMarcuse, D; Menyuk, CR; Wai, PKA 
2001Design of dispersion managed soliton systemsKwan, Yuk-ha
2001Nondestructive determination of the longitudinal chromatic dispersion distribution along an optical fiberWai, PKA ; Moldoveanu, F; Chen, HH; Tsang, YK
2001Postfabrication wavelength trimming of fiber Bragg gratings written in H2-loaded fibersGuan, BO; Tam, HY ; Lu, C; Dong, XY
17-Aug-2001Observation of bound states of solitons in a passively mode-locked fiber laserTang, DY; Man, WS; Tam, HY ; Drummond, PD
2002Multiwavelength fiber ring lasersTong, Fu-wa
15-Jul-2002Cladding-mode-assisted recouplings in concatenated long-period and fiber Bragg gratingsZhang, AP; Tao, X ; Chung, W; Guan, BO; Tam, HY 
2003Higher-order soliton compression with pedestal suppression in nonlinear optical loop mirrors constructed from dispersion decreasing fibersCao, WH; Wai, PKA 
2003Analytical design of dispersion-managed fiber system with map strength 1.65Nakkeeran, K; Moubissi, AB; Dinda, PT
2003Method to find the stationary solution parameters of chirped fiber grating compensated dispersion-managed fiber systemsNakkeeran, K; Kwan, YHC; Wai, PKA 
14-Oct-2003Exact soliton solutions for the core of dispersion-managed solitonsXu, Z; Li, L; Li, Z; Zhou, G; Nakkeeran, K
1-Dec-2003Experimental observation of FPU recurrence in a fiber ring laserZhao, B; Tang, DY; Tam, HY 
2004Structured optical fibre gratings for communication and sensing applicationsZhang, A. Ping
1-Jun-2004Low-coherence Michelson interferometric fiber-optic multiplexed strain sensor array : a minimum configurationYuan, L; Yang, J; Zhou, L ; Jin, W ; Ding, X 
10-Jul-2004Tunable dual-wavelength optical short-pulse generation by use of a fiber Bragg grating and a tunable optical filter in a self-seeding schemeWang, D ; Lim, MF
13-Dec-2004Scaling property and multi-resonance of PCF-based long period gratingsWang, Z; Ju, J; Jin, W ; Chiang, KS
2005Radiating and non-radiating trains of light pulses in dispersion-managed optical fiber systemsNgabireng, CM; Dinda, PT; Nakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA 
2005Generalized projection operator method to derive the pulse parameters equations for the nonlinear Schrödinger equationNakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA 
2005Reflective variable optical attenuators and fibre ring lasers for wavelength-division multiplexing systemsLiu, Heliang
2005Comparison of fiber-based Sagnac interferometers for self-switching of optical pulsesCao, WH; Wai, PKA 
2005Photosensitive polymer optical fibers and gratingsYu, Jianming
15-Apr-2005Continuous wavelength-tunable optical short-pulse generation by use of two Fabry-Perot laser diodes in a mutual injection-seeding schemeWang, D ; Fang, X; Jin, W 
15-May-2005Fabrication of long-period gratings in poly(methyl methacrylate-co-methyl vinyl ketone-co-benzyl methacrylate)-core polymer optical fiber by use of a mercury lampLi, Z; Tam, HY ; Xu, L; Zhang, Q
15-Sep-2005Broadband wavelength converter based on four-wave mixing in a highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiberZhang, A; Demokan, S
2006Highly birefringent photonic crystal fibers and sensorsJu, Jian
2006Modeling of grating compensated dispersion managed soliton systemsKwan, Yuk-ha
11-Apr-2006Optical fiber and optical fiber sensorsTao, X ; Yu, J; Yang, D
1-Nov-2006CO₂ laser-grooved long period fiber grating temperature sensor system based on intensity modulationWang, Y; Wang, D ; Jin, W 
1-Dec-2006Highly sensitive long-period fiber-grating strain sensor with low temperature sensitivityWang, Y; Xiao, L; Wang, D ; Jin, W 
2007Novel intensity-modulated, temperature-independent FBG sensorsDong, X; Tam, HY ; Shum, P
2008Novel splice techniques and micro-hole collapse effect in photonic crystal fibersXiao, Limin
18-Feb-2008Long period gratings in air-core photonic bandgap fibersWang, Y; Jin, W ; Ju, J; Xuan, H; Ho, HL; Xiao, L; Wang, D 
1-Apr-2008Long-period grating fabricated by periodically tapering standard single-mode fiberShao, L; Zhao, J; Dong, X; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; He, S
28-Apr-2008Analytical method for band structure calculation of photonic crystal fibers filled with liquid crystalHu, JJ; Ren, G; Shum, P; Yu, X; Wang, G; Lu, C 
2009Characteristics of subcarrier modulation and its application in WDM-PONsXu, Z; Wen, YJ; Zhong, WD; Cheng, TH; Attygalle, M; Cheng, X; Yeo, YK; Wang, Y; Lu, C 
2009Parallel transfer optical packet switchesLi, CY; Wai, PKA ; Li, VOK
28-Sep-2009Fabrication of a compact reflective long-period grating sensor with a cladding-mode-selective fiber end-face mirrorJiang, M; Zhang, AP; Wang, YC; Tam, HY ; He, S
2010In-line devices and sensors based on air-silica microstructure optical fibersJin, W ; Jin, L; Liu, S; Hoo, YL; Ju, J; Hoi, HL
1-Jan-2010Long-period gratings in wavelength-scale microfibersXuan, H; Jin, W ; Liu, S
1-Feb-2010A new method for sampled fiber Bragg grating fabrication by use of both femtosecond laser and CO₂ laserFang, X; He, X; Liao, C; Yang, M; Wang, D ; Wang, Y
1-Apr-2010Femtosecond laser fabricated fiber Bragg grating in microfiber for refractive index sensingFang, X; Liao, C; Wang, D 
16-Aug-2010Femtosecond laser-assisted selective infiltration of microstructured optical fibersWang, Y; Liao, C; Wang, D 
15-Aug-2011Passively mode-locked fiber laser based on a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber filled with few-layered graphene oxide solutionLiu, Z; He, X; Wang, D 
2012Investigation on threshold of stimulated Raman scattering in optical fibersYang, Y; Jiang, T; Jin, W ; Yang, M
15-Jan-2012Evanescent-wave photoacoustic spectroscopy with optical micro/nano fibersCao, Y; Jin, W ; Ho, LH; Liu, Z
24-Sep-2012Optical fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer cavity fabricated by femtosecond laser micromachining and fusion splicing for refractive index sensingLiao, C; Hu, TY; Wang, D