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2001Investigation of a coated optical fiber strain sensor embedded in a linear strain matrix materialYuan, L; Zhou, L ; Wu, J
2002Strain gradient chirp of uniform fiber Bragg grating without shift of central Bragg wavelengthDong, X; Guan, BO; Yuan, S; Dong, X; Tam, HY 
2003Bound solitons with 103-fs pulse width and 585.5-fs separation from DI-NOLM figure-8 fiber laserGong, YD; Shum, P; Tang, DY; Lu, C; Cheng, TH; Qi, ZW; Guan, YL; Lai, WJ; Man, WS; Tam, HY 
2003Periodic waves in bimodal optical fibersChow, KW; Nakkeeran, K; Malomed, BA
20-Jun-2006Pressure gaugeTam, HY ; Zhang, AP ; Liu, SYM; Chung, W