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2001Design of dispersion managed soliton systemsKwan, Yuk-ha
2003Development of fibre grating lasers with tunable wavelength and single polarization mode output for dense wavelength division multiplexing fibre-optic systemsChung, Wenghong
2004Structured optical fibre gratings for communication and sensing applicationsZhang, A. Ping
2005Gaussian pulse propagation in dispersion-managed systems using chirped fiber gratings with group delay ripplesKwan, YHC; Nakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA ; Dinda, PT
2005Reduction of intersymbol interference in dispersion-managed soliton systems compensated by chirped fibre gratings using nonlinear optical loop mirrorsKwan, YHC; Nakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA ; Dinda, PT
2006Fiber ring lasers and all-optical signal processing devices for wavelength-division multiplexing systemsQureshi, Khurram Karim
2006Modeling of grating compensated dispersion managed soliton systemsKwan, Yuk-ha
2007Generation, detection and characterization of optical minimum shift keying data formatMo, J; Wen, YJ; Dong, Y; Wang, Y; Lu, C 
2007Externally modulated optical minimum shift keying formatMo, J; Wen, YJ; Wang, Y; Lu, C ; Zhong, WD
2007All-optical packet switching with all-optical header processing using fabry-perot laser diodeLui, Luen-fu
200710-Gb/s wavelength transparent optically controlled buffer using photonic-crystal-fiber-based nonlinear optical loop mirrorLee, CC; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY ; Xu, L; Wu, C
2007Performance evaluation of externally modulated optical minimum shift keyed dataMo, J; Wen, YJ; Wang, Y; Lu, C ; Zhong, WD
2008Effectiveness of nonlinear optical loop mirrors in dispersion-managed fiber communication systems compensated by chirped fiber gratings with group delay ripplesKwan, YHC; Nakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA ; Dinda, PT
2008Studies on all-optical deflection routing for all-optical packet-switched networks by using fabry-perot laser diodes for all-optical header processingLee, Chi-chung
2010Tilted moir fiber bragg grating optical filters with controllable passband and stopbandWong, ACL; Giovinazzo, M; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Peng, GD
17-Jan-2011Chromatic dispersion monitoring for multiple modulation formats and data rates using sideband optical filtering and asynchronous amplitude sampling techniqueKhan, FN; Lau, APT ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
2012Optical Performance Monitoring through signal processing in current and future optical communication systemsLau, APT ; Hauske, FN; Anderson, TB; Lu, C 
2012High order modulation formats for multi-Terabit optical communication systemsLu, C ; Yan, S; Lau, APT ; Gao, Y; Sui, Q
2012Optimization of a feedforward symbol timing estimator using two samples per symbol for optical coherent QPSK systemsWang, D; Lau, APT ; Lu, C ; He, S
21-May-2012Modulation format identification in heterogeneous fiber-optic networks using artificial neural networksKhan, FN; Zhou, Y; Lau, APT ; Lu, C 
29-Jul-2013Ultra-broadband infrared luminescence of Bi-doped thin-films for integrated opticsXu, B; Hao, JH ; Zhou, S; Qiu, J