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15-Jun-2005All-optical add-drop node for optical packet-switched networksWai, PKA ; Xu, L; Lui, LFK; Chan, LY; Lee, CC; Tam, HY ; Demokan, S
2007A novel real-time traffic information system based on wireless mesh networksZhang, X; Hong, J; Fan, S; Wei, Z; Cao, J ; Ren, Y
2008All-optical multicast switch employing raman-assisted FWM in dispersion-shifted fiberLau, K; Wang, SH; Xu, L; Lu, C ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
1-Feb-2010A new method for sampled fiber Bragg grating fabrication by use of both femtosecond laser and CO₂ laserFang, X; He, X; Liao, C; Yang, M; Wang, D ; Wang, Y
8-Nov-2010Simultaneous and independent multi-parameter monitoring with fault localization for DSP-based coherent communication systemsShen, TSR; Lau, APT ; Yu, C
15-Feb-2011Equalization-enhanced phase noise induced timing jitterHo, KP; Lau, APT ; Shieh, W
13-Aug-2012OSNR monitoring for QPSK and 16-QAM systems in presence of fiber nonlinearities for digital coherent receiversDong, Z; Lau, APT ; Lu, C 
2013Blind cycle-slip detection and correction for coherent communication systemsGao, Y; Lau, APT; Lu, C ; Dai, Y; Xu, X
2013Beyond 100 gb/s : advanced DSP techniques enabling high spectral efficiency and flexible optical communicationsLau, APT ; Lu, C 
22-Feb-2013Multifunctional tunable ultra-broadband visible and near-infrared luminescence from bismuth-doped germanate glassesXu, B; Zhou, S; Tan, D; Hong, Z; Hao, JH ; Qiu, J