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Apr-2004Loading and unloading operations in container terminalsLi, CL ; Vairaktarakis, G
Jul-2004Two-echelon spare parts inventory system subject to a service constraintCaglar, D; Li, CL ; Simchi-Levi, D
2005The trend of outsourcing for building services operation and maintenance in Hong KongYik, FWH; Lai, JHK 
Feb-2005Dynamic lot size problems with one-way product substitutionHsu, VN; Li, CL ; Xiao, WQ
2008Leveraging the supply chain flexibility of third party logistics - hybrid knowledge-based system approachChoy, KL ; Chow, HKH; Tan, KH; Chan, CK ; Mok, ECM ; Wang, Q
2009Modeling and simulation of supply network evolution based on complex adaptive system and fitness landscapeLi, G; Ji, P ; Sun, LY; Lee, WB 
2010An empirical study of predicting Hong Kong consumers' online shopping intentions: Personal hygiene productsCheng, TCE ; Chung, MW
2010Building operation and maintenance : education needs in Hong KongLai, JHK 
2010Operation and maintenanceYik, FWH; Lai, JHK ; Chau, CK; Lee, WL ; Chan, KT 
2010Critical factors for an effective business value chainKess, P; Law, KMY; Kanchana, R; Phusavat, K
2011An empirical study of transformational leadership, team performance and service quality in retail banksLee, PKC ; Cheng, TCE ; Yeung, ACL ; Lai, KH 
2012An RFRS that combines RFID and CBR technologiesLao, SI; Choy, KL ; Ho, GTS; Yam, RCM
2014Occupational health and safety issues in operations management : a systematic and citation network analysis reviewFan, D; Lo, CKY ; Ching, V; Kan, CW 
2015The role of social media data in operations and production managementChan, HK; Lacka, E; Yee, RWY ; Lim, MK