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2005The application of computational fluid dynamics to the assessment of green features in buildings : Part 1 : Wing WallsMak, CM ; Cheng, C; Niu, JL 
2006Infiltration of outdoor air in two newly constructed high rise residential buildingsLam, KS ; Chan, DWT; Chan, EHW ; Tai, CT; Fung, WY; Law, KC
2007The assessment of the performance of a windcatcher system using computational fluid dynamicsLi, L; Mak, CM 
2007A numerical simulation of wing walls using computational fluid dynamicsMak, CM ; Niu, JL ; Lee, CT; Chan, KF
2010Energy saving by utilizing natural ventilation in public housing in Hong KongYik, FWH; Lun, YF
2011Evaluating the influence of window types on the natural ventilation performance of residential buildings in Hong KongGao, CF; Lee, WL 
2011The effect of balconies on ventilation performance of low-rise buildingsAi, ZT; Mak, CM ; Niu, JL ; Li, ZR; Zhou, Q
2011Evaluating the influence of openings configuration on natural ventilation performance of residential units in Hong KongGao, CF; Lee, WL 
2012The influence of surrounding buildings on the natural ventilation performance of residential dwellings in Hong KongGao, CF; Lee, WL 
2012Numerical study of pollutant dilution in a natural ventilated dental clinic : ventilation path types used for exhausting pollutantMak, CM ; Zhang, W; Wong, HM
2013Pollutant dispersion in a natural ventilated dental clinicZhang, W; Mak, CM ; Wong, HM
2014Effects of wing-wall on the natural ventilation in nearby indoor spacesTang, SK 
2014Using the central ventilation shaft design within public buildings for natural aeration enhancementYang, AS; Wen, CY ; Juan, YH; Su, YM; Wu, JH
2015From street canyon microclimate to indoor environmental quality in naturally ventilated urban buildings : issues and possibilities for improvementAi, ZT; Mak, CM 
2015Combined thermal and daylight analysis of a typical public rental housing development to fulfil green building guidance in Hong KongChen, X; Yang, H 
2015Identifying the most influential parameter affecting natural ventilation performance in high-rise high-density residential buildingsFung, YW; Lee, WL 
2016CFD simulation of the effect of an upstream building on the inter-unit dispersion in a multi-story building in two wind directionsCui, DJ; Mak, CM ; Kwok, KCS; Ai, ZT