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1996Structure of nanocrystalline powder and thin films of lead lanthanum titanate prepared by the sol-gel processZhou, Q; Chan, HLW ; Zhang, Q; Choy, CL
1998PZT/P(VDF-TrFE) nanocomposite hydrophones for ultrasonic measurementsChan, HLW ; Lau, ST; Kwok, KW ; Choy, CL
1999Smart ferroelectric materials for sensors and mechatronic device applicationsChan, HLW 
1999Poling of ferroelectric compositesPloss, B; Ploss, B; Shin, FG; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
1999Studies on calcium and lanthanum modified lead titanate/vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene [PCLT/P(VDF-TrFE)] 0-3 nanocompositesZhang, Qingqi
15-Jun-2001Raman spectra and structural phase transition in nanocrystalline lead lanthanum titanateZhou, Q; Chan, HLW ; Zhang, Q; Choy, CL
24-Dec-2001Photoluminescence of transparent strontium–barium–niobate-doped silica nanocompositesLu, SG; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Cheah, KW
24-Feb-2003Kinetics-limited surface structures at the nanoscaleHuang, H; Woo, CH; Wei, HL; Zhang, XX
2-Feb-2004Magnetic properties of Mn doped ZnO tetrapod structuresRoy, VAL; Djurišić, AB; Liu, H; Zhang, XX; Leung, YH; Xie, MH; Gao, J; Lui, HF; Surya, C 
2005Fabrication, structures and properties of nano/microencapsulated phase change materials, thermo-regulated fibres and fabricsZhang, Xingxiang
14-Mar-2005Investigation of Ge nanocrytals in a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure with a HfO₂/SiO₂stack as the tunnel dielectricWang, S; Liu, WL; Wan, Q; Dai, J ; Lee, PF; Luo, S; Shen, Q; Zhang, M; Song, ZT; Lin, C
16-May-2005Synthesis and memory effect study of Ge nanocrystals embedded in LaAlO₃ high-k dielectricsLu, XB; Lee, PF; Dai, J 
15-Jul-2005Optical properties of ferroelectric nanocrystal-containing polymer BaTiO₃/polycarbonate filmsLiu, WC; Li, AD; Tan, J; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Wu, D; Ming, N
2006Indium and zinc oxide-based nanostructures prepared by thermal evaporationLai, Chong-wan
2006Characterisation of nano-treated materials using advanced instrumental techniquesWong, Yuen-wa
2007Improvement of the mechanical properties of polymer-based materials using layered silicates for product developmentLam, Chun-ki
2007Frontiers of ferroelectricity : a special issue of the journal of materials scienceLang, SB; Chan, HLW 
2007Silver-loaded titania nanocomposite for antimicrobial applicationCheung, Sing-wai
2007Fabrication and characterization of flexible organic light-emitting diodes for smart textiles applicationWang, Guangfeng
2007Multi-functional protective nano-finishing of textile materialsWang, Ronghua
2007Characterisation and application of nano-scale fibre particlesCheng, Yin-fa
1-Nov-2007Micromagnetic simulations of current-induced magnetization switching in Co/Cu/Co nanopillarsXiao, ZH; Ma, XQ; Wu, PP; Zhang, JX; Chen, LQ; Shi, SQ 
2008Make nanostructured metal exceptionally tough by introducing non-localized fracture behaviorsChen, AY; Li, DF; Zhang, JB; Song, HW; Lu, J
2008Poly(L-lactide)/multiwalled carbon nanotube composites : mechanical properties and interaction with osteoblast-like cells in vitroPow, Yu-fung
2008Ferromagnetic metal-polymer nanocomposites for magnetic sensing applicationsKwong, Ho-yin Anthony
8-Feb-2008Dielectric relaxation in polyimide nanofoamed films with low dielectric constantZhang, Y; Ke, S; Huang, H ; Zhao, L; Yu, L; Chan, HLW 
1-Apr-2008Current-induced magnetization dynamics in Co/Cu/Co nanopillarsMa, XQ; Xiao, ZH; Wu, PP; Zhang, JX; Shi, SQ ; Chen, LQ
2009Study of photocatalytic activities of nanoscaled metal oxides on textilesQi, Kaihong
2009Nano composite phase change materials microcapsulesSong, Qingwen
1-Aug-2009Influence of thermal strains on the electrocaloric and dielectric properties of ferroelectric nanoshellsDai, X; Cao, HX; Jiang, Q; Lo, VC
28-Sep-2009Stable ferromagnetism in p-type carbon-doped ZnO nanoneedlesHerng, TS; Lau, SP ; Wei, C; Wang, L; Zhao, BC; Tanemura, M; Akaike, Y
7-Dec-2009Stress and its effect on optical properties of AlN nanorodsJi, XH; Zhang, QY; Ling, ZY; Lau, SP 
2010Ferromagnetic carbon-doped ZnO nanoneedlesLau, SP ; Herng, TS; Wei, CS; Tanemura, M
2010Formation of cobalt hydroxide single-crystal platelets from pulsed laser deposited cobalt thin filmKwong, HY; Wong, YW
2010Molecular dynamics and first-principles studies on the deformation mechanisms of nanostructured cobaltZheng, GP 
1-Dec-2010Luminous and tunable white-light upconversion for YAG (Yb₃Al₅O₁₂) and (Yb, Y)₂O₃ nanopowdersWang, J; Hao, JH ; Tanner, PA
15-Dec-2010Correlation between primary phases and atomic clusters in a Zr-based metallic glassLiu, XJ; Chen, GL; Liu, CT
2011Aluminium nitride nanowires for electronic and photonic applicationsHui, Yeung-yu
2011Chemical synthesis and characterization of bismuth ferrite nanostructuresFei, Linfeng
2011Study of toughening mechanisms through the observations of crack propagation in nanostructured and layered metallic sheetChen, AY; Li, DF; Zhang, JB; Liu, F; Liu, XR; Lu, J
1-Aug-2011Micromagnetic simulation of spin-transfer switching in a full-Heusler Co₂FeAl₀.₅Si₀.₅ alloy spin-valve nanopillarHuang, HB; Ma, XQ; Liu, ZH; Meng, FY; Xiao, ZH; Wu, PP; Shi, SQ ; Chen, LQ
15-Oct-2011Ion-implantation induced nano distortion layer and its influence on nonlinear optical properties of ZnO single crystalsZheng, CC; Xu, SJ; Ning, JQ; Chen, YN; Lu, XH; Ling, C; Che, CM; Gao, G; Hao, JH ; Brauer, G; Anwand, W
1-Oct-2012Nanoscale ferroelectric tunnel junctions based on ultrathin BaTiO₃film and Ag nanoelectrodesGao, XS; Liu, JM; Au, K; Dai, J 
15-Nov-2012Effects of the surface charge screening and temperature on the vortex domain patterns of ferroelectric nanodotsWu, CM; Chen, WJ; Ma, DC; Woo, CH; Zheng, Y
2013Fabrication of bulk ultrafine grained titanium alloy via equal channel angular pressing based thermomechanical treatmentZhao, Y; Guo, H; Fu, MW ; Ning, Y; Yao, Z
28-Jan-2013Simulation of multilevel cell spin transfer switching in a full-Heusler alloy spin-valve nanopillarHuang, HB; Ma, XQ; Liu, ZH; Zhao, CP; Shi, SQ ; Chen, LQ
14-Apr-2013Crystallite size-modulated exciton emission in SnO₂ nanocrystalline films grown by sputteringPan, S; Yu, SF ; Zhang, YX; Luo, YY; Wang, S; Xu, JM; Li, GH
15-Apr-2013Polarization-independent efficiency enhancement of organic solar cells by using 3-dimensional plasmonic electrodeLi, X; Choy, WCH; Ren, X; Xin, J; Lin, P; Leung, DCW 
20-May-2013Terahertz plasmonics in ferroelectric-gated grapheneJin, D; Kumar, A; Fung, KH ; Xu, J; Fang, NX
2014Fabrication of carbon nano-dots and their optical propertiesZhang, Wenfei
2016Highly efficient multifunctional recyclable nanocomposite adsorbent as scavenger for water cleaningKam, Ki Fung