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2001Nanoindentation study of interfaces between calcium phosphate and bone in an animal spinal fusion modelGuo, LH; Guo, X ; Leng, Y; Cheng, JCY; Zhang, XD
2001Correlation of cavitation erosion resistance with indentation-derived properties for a NiTi alloyCheng, FT; Shi, P; Man, HC 
2004Determination of Young's modulus by nanoindentationMa, D; Ong, CW ; Liu, J; He, J
2004A preliminary study of laser cladding of AISI 316 stainless steel using preplaced NiTi wireCheng, FT; Lo, KH; Man, HC 
2004Crystalline plasticity on copper (001), (110), and (111) surfaces during nanoindentationLiang, H; Woo, CH; Huang, H; Ngan, AHW; Yu, TX
2005Plastic deformation of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses under nanoindentationLiu, L; Chan, KC 
2005Nanotribological properties of UHMWPE/quartz compositesTang, CY ; Uskokovic, PS; Tsui, CP ; Chan, KC ; Lo, SCL ; Xie, XL
Jun-2005New method for determining Young's modulus by non-ideally sharp indentationMa, D; Ong, CW ; Wong, SF; He, J
Jun-2005A novel noncontact ultrasound indentation system for measurement of tissue material properties using water jet compressionLu, MH; Zheng, YP ; Huang, QH
2006Nanoindentation of in situ polymers in hydroxyapatite/poly-L-lactide biocompositesBalac, I; Tang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Chen, DZ; Uskokovic, PS; Ignjatovic, N; Uskokovic, DP
2006Localized elastic modulus distribution of nanoclay/epoxy composites by using nanoindentationLam, CK; Lau, KT 
2006Nanomechanical properties evaluation of bioactive glass coatings on titanium alloy substrateTang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Janackovic, DJ; Uskokovic, PS
2006Determination of film-only hardness by eliminating the effects of elastic deformation of substrateWang, H; Ong, CW 
2007Nano-mechanical properties of coiled carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy compositesLi, XF; Lau, KT ; Yin, YS
2007Nano-mechanical creep properties of nanoclay/epoxy composite by nanoindentationLam, CK; Lau, AKT ; Zhou, LM 
2007Micromechanical properties of a hydroxyapatite/poly-l-lactide biocomposite using nanoindentation and modulus mappingUskokovic, PS; Tang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Ignjatovic, N; Uskokovic, DP
May-2007A precise correcting method for the study of the superhard material using nanoindentation testsCao, YP; Dao, M; Lu, J
2009Influence of microstructure and phase composition on the nanoindentation characterization of bioceramic materials based on hydroxyapatiteTang, CY ; Uskokovic, PS; Tsui, CP ; Veljovic, D; Petrovic, R; Janackovic, D
2009Effects of specimen geometry and base material on the mechanical behavior of focused-ion-beam-fabricated metallic-glass micropillarsYang, Y; Ye, JC; Lu, J; Liu, FX; Liaw, PK
2009Mechanical properties of single crystal tungsten microwhiskers characterized by nanoindentationHuang, H; Wu, YQ; Wang, SL; He, YH; Zou, J; Huang, BY; Liu, CT
Mar-2009Can Young’s modulus and hardness of wire structural materials be directly measured using nanoindentation?Shu, S; Yang, Y; Fu, T; Wen, CS; Lu, J
2010Measurement of bovine bone properties through surface indentation techniqueLau, ML; Lau, KT ; Yeo, YDY; Yeung, CTA; Lee, JH
2010Characterization of plastically graded nanostructured material : Part I. The theories and the inverse algorithm of nanoindentationRuan, HH; Chen, AY; Lu, J
2010Ultra-precision raster milling-induced phase decomposition and plastic deformation at the surface of a Zn-Al-based alloyZhu, YH; To, S ; Lee, WB ; Zhang, SJ; Cheung, CF 
2010Surface characterisation of PLLA polymer in HAp/PLLA biocomposite material by means of nanoindentation and artificial neural networksAleksendric, D; Balac, I; Tang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Uskokovic, PS; Uskokovic, DP
Jun-2010Further analysis of energy-based indentation relationship among Young’s modulus, nominal hardness, and indentation workMa, D; Ong, CW 
2011Novel indentation techniques for measurement of soft tissue elasticity : a brief introductionZheng, YP ; Huang, YP
2011Investigation on the structural characteristics of metallic glasses based on the first displacement excursion behavior in nanoindentationZhao, L; Ma, CL; Fu, MW ; Zeng, XR
2012Susceptibility to environmentally induced cracking of laser-welded NiTi wires in Hanks' solution at open-circuit potentialChan, CW; Man, HC ; Yue, TM 
Jan-2012Measurements of heat treatment effects on bovine cortical bones by Nanoindentation and compression testingLau, ML; Lau, KTA ; Ku, H; Bahattacharyya, D; Yao, YD