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2003Research and application of polymer nanofibersZhang, XX; Tao, XM ; Fan, YF
2006Characterisation of nano-treated materials using advanced instrumental techniquesWong, Yuen-wa
24-Jan-2006Methods for producing di-block polymersHu, J ; Mondal, S
2008Self-organized micropatterns of high aspect ratio polymer nanofibers by wetting of nanoporesKong, J; Yung, KL ; Xu, Y; He, L; Lau, KH; Chan, CY
2009Gas sensors made from electrospun nanofibers doped by functionalized carbon nanotubesYang, An
2009Electrospinning of conducting polymer blend and composite nanofibers for sensor applicationsLi, Wai-kit
2009Study of photocatalytic activities of nanoscaled metal oxides on textilesQi, Kaihong
2010Wettability of polyethylene micropatterns with aligned one-dimensional nanostructuresKong, J; Yung, KL ; Xu, Y; Xie, Y
2010Experimental investigation and theoretical analysis on air filtration of sub-micron aerosols by nanofiber filterHung, Chi-ho
2012Skin effect in nanofiber filtration of submicron aerosolsLeung, WWF ; Hung, CH
2013Photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B by TiO2/ZnO nanofibers under visible-light irradiationPei, CC; Leung, WWF 
2014Solar photocatalytic oxidation of NO by electronspun TiO2/ZnO composite nanofiber mat for enhancing indoor air qualityPei, CC; Leung, WWF 
2014Mechanism study of heat stabilization of polyacrylonitrile nanofibers against alkaline hydrolysisLee, KI; Li, J; Fei, B ; Xin, JH 
2014Antitumor effect between anti-tumor drug and antimicrobial peptides loaded in the nanofibrous membraneZhang, J; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Liu, X; Li, Z
2015Photocatalytic nanofibers composed of oxides of titanium, zinc, and bismuth for the degradation of pollutant dye in water, nitric oxide and VOCPei, Chun
2015(K,Na)NbO3 nanofiber-based self-powered sensors for accurate detection of dynamic strainWang, Z; Zhang, Y; Yang, S; Hu, Y; Wang, S; Gu, H; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Wang, J
2015Preparation of poly(L-lactic acid) nanofiber scaffolds with a rough surface by phase inversion using supercritical carbon dioxideYang, DZ; Chen, AZ; Wang, SB; Li, Y ; Tang, XL; Wu, YJ
2015Electrospun bismuth ferrite nanofibers for potential applications in ferroelectric photovoltaic devicesFei, L; Hu, Y; Li, X; Song, R; Sun, L; Huang, H ; Gu, H; Chan, HLW ; Wang, Y