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2000Microstructure evolution of laser clad layers of W-C-Co alloy powdersYang, Y; Man, HC 
2001Microstructure and performance of a laser clad co-based alloy on 2Crl3 stainless steelZhang, S; Zhang, C; Man, HC ; Wu, W; Wang, M
2001Microstructure and formation mechanism of in situ synthesized TiC/Ti surface MMC on Ti-6Al-4V by laser claddingMan, HC ; Zhang, S; Cheng, FT; Yue, TM 
2001Mechanism of in-situ formation of TiC particle reinforced Ti-based composite coating induced by laser meltingZhang, S; Zhang, CH; Kang, YP; Wu, WT; Wang, MC; Man, HC 
2001An in-situ formed TiC particle reinforcement composite coating induced by laser cladding on aluminium alloyZhang, S; Kang, Y; Man, HC ; Wu, W; Wang, M
2002Cavitation Erosion Behaviour on Aluminium Alloy by Using Laser Surface Cladding of NiCrBSiZhang, S; Zhang, C; Liu, C; Man, HC 
2004Laser cladding of NiTi wire on AISI 316 stainless steelCheng, FT; Lo, KH; Man, HC 
2004A preliminary study of laser cladding of AISI 316 stainless steel using preplaced NiTi wireCheng, FT; Lo, KH; Man, HC 
2004Laser induced reaction synthesis of TiC+WC reinforced metal matrix composites coatings on Al 6061Man, HC ; Yang, YQ; Lee, WB 
2005Microstructure and performance of a laser cladding of Ni-based alloy on 6061 aluminium alloyZhang, C; Zhang, S; Man, H ; Liu, C; Cai, Q
2005Laser cladding of austenitic stainless steel using NiTi strips for resisting cavitation erosionChiu, KY; Cheng, FT; Man, HC 
2005The effect of laser cladding on the corrosion resistance of magnesium ZK60/SiC compositeMei, Z; Guo, LF; Yue, TM 
2006In-situ laser cladding of Al2O3 reaction coating on aluminium alloy 7075 for corrosion resistance improvementYue, TM ; Huang, KJ; Man, HC 
2006Microstructure and electrochemical corrosion behavior of laser gladded NiFeBSi-Si3N4 alloy on H13 steel surfaceZhang, CH; Zhang, S; Zhang, N; Man, HC 
2007Laser spray cladding of porous NiTi coatings on NiTi substratesYang, YQ; Man, HC 
2007Solidification behaviour and the evolution of microstructure in the laser cladding of aluminium on magnesium substrateYue, TM ; Li, T
2007In situ laser cladding of Al2O3 bearing coatings on aluminium alloy 7075 for improvement of wear resistanceYue, TM ; Huang, KJ; Man, HC 
2007Laser cladding of copper with molybdenum for wear resistance enhancement in electrical contactsNg, KW; Man, HC ; Cheng, FT; Yue, TM 
2007Simulation and experimental investigations of laser cladding temperature field on 6061 Al alloyZhang, S; Zhang, C; Zhang, N; Yu, L; Liu, C; Man, HC 
2008Laser cladding of SiC reinforced Zr65Al7.5Ni10Cu17.5 amorphous coating on magnesium substrateYue, TM ; Su, YP
2008Stress corrosion cracking behaviour of excimer laser treated aluminium alloy 6013Xu, WL; Yue, TM ; Man, HC 
2008Laser cladding of Ni/Cu/Al functionally graded coating on magnesium substrateYue, TM ; Li, T
18-Feb-2008Long period gratings in air-core photonic bandgap fibersWang, Y; Jin, W ; Ju, J; Xuan, H; Ho, HL; Xiao, L; Wang, D 
15-Feb-2010Highly birefringent optical microfibersXuan, H; Ju, J; Jin, W 
15-Mar-2010Structural long period gratings made by drilling micro-holes in photonic crystal fibers with a femtosecond infrared laserLiu, S; Jin, L; Jin, W ; Wang, D ; Liao, C; Wang, Y
2011A numerical model for studying laser cladding under pulse modeGuo, LF; Yue, TM ; Man, HC 
2011Phase evolution and dendrite growth in laser cladding of aluminium on zirconiumYue, TM ; Xie, H; Lin, X; Yang, HO
2012Laser cladding of Cu0.5NiAlCoCrFeSi high entropy alloy on AZ91D magnesium substrates for improving wear and corrosion resistanceYue, T ; Huang, K
2012In situ formation of titanium carbide using titanium and carbon-nanotube powders by laser claddingSavalani, MM ; Ng, CC; Li, QH; Man, HC 
2013Laser cladding of Zr-based coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy for improvement of wear and corrosion resistanceHuang, K; Lin, X; Xie, C; Yue, TM 
2014Solidification behaviour in laser cladding of AlCoCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloy on magnesium substratesYue, TM ; Xie, H; Lin, X; Yang, HO; Meng, GH
2014Microstructure and corrosion resistance of Cu0.9NiAlCoCrFe high entropy alloy coating on AZ91D magnesium alloys by laser claddingHuang, KJ; Lin, X; Wang, YY; Xie, CS; Yue, TM 
2014Laser cladding of FeCoNiCrAlCuxSi0.5 high entropy alloys on AZ31 Mg alloy substratesYue, TM ; Zhang, H
2014High temperature wear characteristics of TiC composite coatings formed by laser cladding with CNT additivesLi, QH; Savalani, MM ; Zhang, QM; Huo, L
2015Microstructure and wear resistance of compositionally graded Ti-Si laser-clad coatingsYue, TM ; Zhang, H