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2000Cavitation erosion and corrosion behaviour of laser surface alloyed MMC of SiC and Si3N4 on Al alloy AA6061Man, HC ; Kwok, CT; Yue, TM 
2001Characterization of crosstalk of a TDM FBG sensor array using a laser sourceChan, CC; Gao, YJ; Lau, KT ; Ho, HL; Zhou, LM ; Jin, W 
2001Interdiffusion of GaInNAs/GaAs quantum wellsChan, MCY; Surya, C ; Wai, PKA 
Sep-2001State-of-the-art methods for geometric and biomechanical assessments of residual limbs : a reviewZheng, YP ; Mak, AFT; Leung, AKL 
15-Jul-2002Monte Carlo simulation of pulsed laser depositionLam, PM; Liu, SJ; Woo, CH
2003Surface and adhesion characteristics of laser surface textured Ti-6Al-4VMan, HC ; Zhao, NQ; Cui, ZD
2003Surface structuring of poly(ethylene terephthalate) by UV excimer laserWong, W; Chan, K; Yeung, KW; Lau, KS
2004Comparison of single and multiple applications of GaA1As laser on rat medial collateral ligament repairNg, GYF ; Fung, DTC; Leung, MCP; Guo, X 
2004Ultrastructural comparison of medial collateral ligament repair after single or multiple applications of GaAlAs laser in ratsNg, GYF ; Fung, DTC; Leung, MCP; Guo, X 
2004Effect of excimer laser surface melting on intergranular corrosion cracking of the aluminum-lithium alloy 8090Yue, TM ; Chan, CP; Yan, LJ; Man, HC 
2005Low-threshold random laser with one mirror and feedbacks in PMMA nano-composite filmsSun, X; Tao, X ; Xue, P; Deng, J; Cheong, KK
2007Laser emission in PMMA nano-composite filmsSun, XH; Tao, XM ; Xue, P; Deng, JG; Cheong, KK
2009Nonlinear dynamics in lasers with nonlinear lossLi, F; Li, Q; Feng, X; Wai, PKA 
2010In situ synthesis and fabrication of tricalcium phosphate bioceramic coating on commercially pure titanium by laser rapid formingHu, J; Wang, Z; Guan, T; Gao, Y; Lv, X; Lin, X; Tang, CY ; Gao, B
2011The effect of low-energy laser irradiation on apoptotic factors following experimentally induced transient cerebral ischemiaYip, KK; Lo, SCL ; Leung, MCP; So, KF; Tang, CY; Poon, DMY
2011A study of physical modification on grey cotton by laser irradiationChow, YL; Chan, CK ; Kan, CW 
2011Effect of CO2 laser treatment on cotton surfaceChow, YL; Chan, CK ; Kan, CW 
2013Laser cladding of HA/Ti composite coating on NiTi alloyYang, S; Li, WH; Man, HC