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2001Stimulation of taxol production and excretion in Taxus spp cell cultures by rare earth chemical lanthanumWu, J ; Wang, C; Mei, X
2004Development of Bi2O3-based erbium-doped fibersTam, HY ; Chung, WH; Guan, BO; Liu, HL; Wai, PKA ; Sugimoto, N
2006Lanthanum induces extracellular signal-regulated kinase phosphorylation through different mechanisms in HeLa cells and NIH 3T3 cellsHu, J; Yu, S; Yang, X; Wang, K; Qian, Z
1-May-2006Preparation of La-doped BiFeO₃thin films with Fe²⁺ ions on Si substratesGao, F; Cai, C; Wang, Y; Dong, S; Qiu, XY; Yuan, GL; Liu, ZG; Liu, J
2008Synthesis and crystal structures of lanthanide complexes with foliage growth regulator : phenoxyalkanoic acidShi, SM; Chen, ZF; Liu, YC; Mao, L; Liang, H; Zhou, ZY
31-Aug-2009C-band single-longitudinal mode lanthanum co-doped bismuth based erbium doped fiber ring laserQureshi, KK; Feng, X; Zhao, LM; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
1-Jun-2011Multiferroism in orientational engineered (La, Mn) co-substituted BiFeO₃ thin filmsWang, DY; Chan, NY; Zheng, RK; Kong, C; Lin, D; Dai, J ; Chan, HLW ; Li, S