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2001Research at the "margin" Challenges for scholars working outside the "American-European" domainWalters, PGP
2004The developmental eye movement test and its application to Cantonese-speaking childrenPang, Chi-kong Peter
2009Can Cantonese rhymes be used in the assessment of hemispheric dominance for language?Chan, ST; Tang, SW; Lee, WK; Tang, KW; Lo, SS; Kwong, KK
2009Comparison of co-occurrence networks of the Chinese and English languagesLiang, W; Shi, Y; Tse, CK ; Liu, J; Wang, Y; Cui, X
2009Seven-star needle stimulation improves language and social interaction of children with autistic spectrum disordersChan, AS; Cheung, MC; Sze, SL; Leung, WW
2010Am I doing better than you? That depends on whether you ask me in English or Chinese : self-enhancement effects of language as a cultural mindset primeLee, SWS; Oyserman, D; Bond, MH
2010The Developmental Eye Movement (DEM) test and Cantonese-speaking children in Hong Kong SAR, ChinaPang, PC; Lam, CS ; Woo, GC
2011Development of the language subtest in a developmental assessment scale to identify Chinese preschool children with special needsWong, AM; Leung, C ; Siu, EK; Lam, CC; Chan, GP
2015Predicting the naming of regular-, irregular- and non-phonetic compounds in ChineseLau, DKY ; Leung, MT ; Liang, Y; Lo, JCM
2015A segmentation of online reviews by language groups: How English and non-English speakers rate hotels differentlySchuckert, M ; Liu, X; Law, R