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2008Quantitative assessment of through-thickness crack size based on Lamb wave scattering in aluminium platesLu, Y; Ye, L; Su, Z ; Yang, C
2009Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-based crack identification in aluminum plates with lamb wave signalsLu, Y; Ye, L; Su, Z ; Zhou, L ; Cheng, L 
2009Identification of damage using lamb waves : from fundamentals to applicationsSu, Z ; Ye, L
2010Probabilistic damage identification based on correlation analysis using guided wave signals in aluminum platesWang, D; Ye, L; Su, Z ; Lu, Y; Li, F; Meng, G
2010Influence of soft tissues on ultrasonic lamb waves in synthesised soft tissue-bone phantomsChen, J; Su, Z ; Cheng, L ; Qin, L
2011Quantitative identification of multiple damage in laminated composite beams using A0 Lamb modeWang, D; Ye, L; Su, Z ; Lu, Y
2011Exploring effect of medium coupling on ultrasonic lamb waves in engineering structures and synthesised soft tissue-bone phantomsChen, Jiangang
2011Quantitative evaluation of orientation-specific damage using elastic waves and probability-based diagnostic imagingZhou, C; Su, Z ; Cheng, L 
2012Correlative sensor array and its applications to identification of damage in plate-like structuresYu, L; Cheng, L ; Su, Z 
2013Nonlinear properties of lamb waves under modulation of fatigue damage : finite element simulation with experimental validationHong, M; Zhou, C; Su, Z ; Cheng, L ; Qing, X
2013Lamb wave based monitoring of fatigue crack growth using principal component analysisLu, Y; Lu, M; Ye, L; Wang, D; Zhou, L ; Su, Z 
2014Modeling nonlinearities of ultrasonic waves for fatigue damage characterization : theory, simulation, and experimental validationHong, M; Su, Z ; Wang, Q; Cheng, L ; Qing, X
2014Fatigue damage localization using time-domain features extracted from nonlinear lamb wavesHong, M; Su, Z ; Lu, Y; Cheng, L 
2015On time reversal-based signal enhancement for active lamb wave-based damage identificationWang, Q; Yuan, S; Hong, M; Su, Z 
2016Multi-damage localization on large complex structures through an extended delay-and-sum based methodShan, S; Qiu, J; Zhang, C; Ji, H; Cheng, L