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2005Sharing knowledge across professional boundaries : a case study in a government departmentFong, PSW ; Lo, FLC
2006Trust : its different facets as antecedents of knowledge sharing in virtual communities of practiceUsoro, A; Sharratt, MW; Tsui, E 
2007Mediating effects of relationship quality on customer relationships : an empirical study in Hong KongWong, YH; Hung, H ; Chow, WK
2007Ubiquitous intelligent object : modeling and applicationsWang, M; Cao, J ; Siebert, JI; Raychoudhury, V; Li, J
Aug-2007Trust as an antecedent to knowledge sharing in virtual communities of practiceUsoro, A; Sharratt, MW; Tsui, E ; Shekhar, S
2008An empirical study of the effects of knowledge sharing and learning behaviors on firm performanceLaw, CCH; Ngai, EWT 
20-Aug-2009Blending content and process management technologies with Web 2.0 tools for effective e-information managementTsui, E 
3-Dec-2009Motives for Social Collaboration in Knowledge Sharing PortalsSabetzadeh, F; Tsui, E 
2010Empowering employees through instant messagingOu, CXJ; Davison, RM; Zhong, X; Liang, Y
2010Can instant messaging empower teams at work?Ou, CXJ; Davison, RM; Zhong, XP; Liang, Y
Jul-2010CASESIAN : a knowledge-based system using statistical and experiential perspectives for improving the knowledge sharing in the medical prescription processTing, SL; Kwok, SK; Tsang, AHC; Lee, WB 
2011Knowledge elicitation approach in enhancing tacit knowledge sharingTing, SL; Wang, WM; Tse, YK; Ip, WH 
2012Factors influencing knowledge sharing behavior : a social-psychological view in tourismYiu, M; Law, R 
2014Review and application of knowledge management and knowledge sharing in tourismYiu, M; Law, R 
2014A study on the methods of assessment and strategy of knowledge sharing in computer courseChan, PPW
Sep-2014Expertise dissimilarity and creativity : the contingent roles of tacit and explicit knowledge sharingHuang, X ; Hsieh, JJPA; He, WJ