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2001Electronic business model for small- and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SME) : a case studyYuen, K; Chung, WWC
2001Knowledge management in construction project managementWong, Chi-fai Eric
2002CJK knowledge management in multi-agent M-learning systemLo, CW; Ng, KT; Lu, Q 
2002The hesitant transfer of strategic management knowledge to international joint ventures in China : greater willingness seems likely in the futureWong, Y ; Maher, TE; Luk, STK
2002Research on the networked collaborative knowledge management systemZhan, H; Lee, WB ; Gu, X : a web-based system for managing knowledge projectsLi, H ; Tang, S ; Man, KF; Love, PED
2003Design and implementation of an integrated knowledge systemLau, HCW; Wong, CWY; Hui, IK; Pun, KF
2004Networked enterprise : a new business model for global sourcingChung, WWC; Yam, AYK; Chan, MFS
2004Capturing knowledge from facilities management practice - issues and possibilitiesThen, SSD; McEwan, A
2004Benchmarking the role-modification process for successful knowledge transferLeung, SHN; Chan, JWK ; Lee, WB 
Dec-2004Collaborative technologies for the financial services industryTsui, E ; Lee, WB 
2005Management of knowledge in project environmentsLove, PED; Fong, PSW ; Irani, Z
2005Knowledge audit and portal design for fleet technical management in the aviation industryChoy, Sun-yam
2005Knowledge-based inventory management in production logistics : a multi-agent approachCheung, CF ; Wang, WM; Kwok, SK
2005The role of IT in KM : where are we now and where are we heading?Tsui, E 
2005Knowledge-based customization of enterprise systems for business process improvementTsoi, Siu-ki
2005Conceptual framework & architecture for agent-oriented knowledge management supported e-learning systemsYau, HK; Ngai, EWT ; Cheng, TCE 
2005Case management in social service organizations : a knowledge management approachCheung, CF; Leung, CS ; Chu, KF; Lee, WB 
2005Development of a knowledge management culture assessment tool with applications in aviation industryChoy, SY; Lee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; Shim, G
2005Construction IT and the ‘tipping point’Brandon, P; Li, H ; Shen, Q 
2005Managing knowledge in construction disputesFong, PSW ; Tong, INP
2005A multi-facet taxonomy system with applications in unstructured knowledge managementCheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Wang, Y
2006Knowledge-based simulation and analysis of supply chain performanceChan, YL; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Kwok, SK
2006A knowledge-based service automation system for service logisticsCheung, CF ; Chan, YL; Kwok, SK; Lee, WB ; Wang, WM
2006Enterprise information system for customer services excellenceChung, WWC; Lee, JYP
2006Managing knowledge in fashion businesses : a survey of contemporary tools for coordination and collaborationLi, EPH; To, CKM ; Wong, YH; Chang, JMT 
2006Knowledge-based customisation and management of E-surveyCheung, CF ; Chu, KF
2006Trust : its different facets as antecedents of knowledge sharing in virtual communities of practiceUsoro, A; Sharratt, MW; Tsui, E 
2006Integrating knowledge management into market orientation : impact on hotel performanceChien, Chunlun Grace
2006A knowledge-based infotronics supervisory system for intelligent service automationWang, WM; Cheang, CF ; Lee, WB ; Kwok, SK
2006Knowledge and perception of operation and maintenance practitioners in Hong Kong about sustainable buildingsLai, JHK ; Yik, FWH
2007A systematic approach for knowledge auditing: A case study in transportation sectorCheung, CF ; Li, ML; Shek, VWY; Lee, WB ; Tsang, TS
2007Knowledge management in social work - Towards a conceptual frameworkLeung, ZCS 
2007Knowledge management in 21st century manufacturingGunasekaran, A; Ngai, EWT 
2007Knowledge management approach in build-to-order supply chainsChow, HKH; Choy, KL ; Lee, WB 
2007Development of a cooperative distributed process mining system for continual quality enhancementHo, To-sum
2007Collaborative environment and technologies for building knowledge work teams in network enterprisesLee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; Tsui, E ; Kwok, SK
2007Networked enterprise : a case study of implementing an information network system for global product developmentYam, AYK; Chan, MFS; Chung, WWC
2007Systematic Knowledge Auditing: A case study in a power utility companyShek, WY; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Chong, YY
2007A framework for the improvement of knowledge-intensive business processesDalmaris, P; Tsui, E ; Hall, B; Smith, B
2007Inter-organizational knowledge management in complex products and systemsChen, J; Tong, L; Ngai, EWT 
2007Knowledge-based treatment planning for adolescent early intervention of mental healthcare: A hybrid case-based reasoning approachWang, WM; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Kwok, SK
Aug-2007Trust as an antecedent to knowledge sharing in virtual communities of practiceUsoro, A; Sharratt, MW; Tsui, E ; Shekhar, S
2008Self-associated concept mapping for representation, elicitation and inference of knowledgeWang, WM; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Kwok, SK
2008Knowledge elicitation in reliability management in the airline industryKwong, May-yin Erin
2008A study of reporting and sharing of Near Miss knowledge in healthcare services in Hong KongKong, Che-wah
2008Mining knowledge from natural language texts using fuzzy associated concept mappingWang, WM; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Kwok, SK
Jan-2008Leveraging Web 2.0 Concepts to Create an Open and Adaptive Approach to Corporate LearningLee, H; Tsui, E ; Garner, BJ
2009Acquisition, reuse and sharing of knowledge in property management firmsFong, PSW ; Lee, HF
2009The processes of knowledge management in professional services firms in the construction industry : a critical assessment of both theory and practiceFong, PSW ; Choi, SKY
2009A model for minimizing satisfaction gap in partnership developmentWong, Seng-fat
2009Learning knowledge management concepts via the use of a scenario building tool on an e-learning platformLiew, TBY; Tsui, E ; Fong, SWP ; Lau, SMA
2009The development and validation of agent-based communication and negotiation models for apparel supply chain managementPan, An
2009Knowledge management in social work : types and processes of knowledge sharing in social service organizationsLeung, ZCS 
2009Entrepreneurial firms and their knowledge creation : a study of real estate managementFong, PSW ; Dettwiler, P
2009A computational narrative construction method with applications in organizational learning of social service organizationsWang, WM; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Kwok, SK
2009Joint optimization for knowledge mining : evaluating parameters of manufacturing processesTang, CXH; Lau, HCW
2009Capturing, sharing and re-using lessons to improve learning in construction projectsLo, KM; Fong, PSW 
May-2009Knowledge management perspective on e-learning effectivenessLau, SMA; Tsui, E 
3-Sep-2009Knowledge management education, adoption and research in Hong Kong : the KMRC perspectiveTsui, E 
7-Oct-2009Knowledge and experience sharing in projects-based building maintenance community of practiceFong, SWP ; Wong, KC
2010The roles and values of personal knowledge management : an exploratory studyCheong, RKF; Tsui, E 
2010A study of knowledge flow in Six Sigma teams in a Chinese manufacturing enterpriseTracy, ZXP; Lee, WB 
2010A multi-faceted & automatic knowledge elicitation system for managing unstructured informationWang, Yong
2010Knowledge acquisition methods facing real estate enterprisesLi, Min
2010Understanding scientific study via process modelingLuk, RWP 
2010Assessing knowledge assets : knowledge audit of a social service organization in Hong KongLeung, ZCS ; Cheung, CF ; Chu, KF; Chan, YC ; Lee, WB ; Wong, RYW
2010Critical factors of implementing knowledge management in school environment : a qualitative study in Hong KongLeung, CH
2010Enhancing quality of lessons learned : evaluating knowledge management practices in project managementLo, TKM; Fong, PSW 
2011A multi-faceted and automatic knowledge elicitation system (MAKES) for managing unstructured informationCheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Wang, WM; Wang, Y; Yeung, WM
2011A Semantic-based Intellectual Property Management System (SIPMS) for supporting patent analysisWang, WM; Cheung, CF 
2011Interrelationships among knowledge management, organisational learning and innovationKanchana, R; Law, KMY; Comepa, N; Malithong, P; Phusavat, K
2011The power of stories in the construction industry : lessons from other domainsLeung, JKL; Fong, PSW 
2011Knowledge seeker : ontology modelling for information search and management : a compendiumLim, EHY; Liu, JNK; Lee, RST
2011Discovery and capture of organizational knowledge from unstructured informationGu, J; Lee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; Tsui, E ; Wang, WM
2011Social motives polarity and its impact on knowledge sharingSabetzadeh, F; Tsui, E 
2011FMS scheduling with knowledge based genetic algorithm approachPrakash, A; Chan, FTS ; Deshmukh, SG
25-Jan-2011KM developments in HK : lessons learnt from over 100 projectsTsui, E 
18-Jul-2011Facilitating knowledge intelligence using ANTOM with a case study of learning religionLui, KM; Lee, H; Tsui, E 
2012Revealing performance heterogeneity through knowledge management maturity evaluation : a capability-based approachChen, L; Fong, PSW