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2001A systematic review of interventions to prevent lower limb soft tissue running injuriesYeung, EW ; Yeung, SS 
2002Does wearing a functional knee brace affect hamstring reflex time in subjects with anterior cruciate ligament deficiency during muscle fatigue?Lam, RY; Ng, GY ; Chien, EP
2004Overview of anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation and its evolution in Hong Kong in the past 8 yearsLi, AY; Ng, GY 
2005Patellar taping does not affect the onset of activities of vastus medialis obliquus and vastus lateralis before and after muscle fatigueNg, GYF 
2006Surface electrode placement affects the EMG recordings of the quadriceps musclesWong, YM; Ng, GYF 
2007A systematic review of running shoes and lower leg biomechanics : a possible link with patellofemoral pain syndrome? : review articleCheung, RT; Ng, GY 
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2010Resistance training alters the sensorimotor control of vasti musclesWong, YM; Ng, G 
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2011A review on the effects of glucosamine for knee osteoarthritis based on human and animal studiesChan, KOW; Ng, GYF 
2012The effects of quadriceps strengthening on pain, function, and patellofemoral joint contact area in persons with patellofemoral painChiu, JKW; Wong, YM; Yung, PSH; Ng, GYF 
2013The effect of varying the plantarflexion resistance of an ankle-foot orthosis on knee joint kinematics in patients with strokeKobayashi, T; Leung, AKL ; Akazawa, Y; Hutchins, SW
2014Comparison of stress on knee cartilage during kneeling and standing using finite element modelsWang, Y; Fan, Y; Zhang, M