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1994Electronic and kinetic isotope effects on the electrooxidation of benzyl alcohols by a monoxo ruthenium (V) complex of tetramethylcyclamLee, WO; Che, CM; Wong, KY 
1996Kinetics of o-benzoquinone mediated oxidation of glucose by glucose oxidase at edge plane pyrolytic graphite electrodeHui, TW; Wong, KY ; Shiu, KK
1996Disinfection of municipal wastewater by sensitized photooxidationLi, XZ; Zhang, M; Chua, H
2001Modeling the quantum yields of herbicide 2,4-D decay in UV/H2O2 processChu, W 
2003Modeling the ozonation of 2,4-dichlorophoxyacetic acid through a kinetic approachChu, W ; Ching, MH
2004Biodegradation kinetics of phthalate esters by Pseudomonas fluoresences FS1Zeng, F; Cui, K; Li, X ; Fu, J; Sheng, G
2004Kinetic behaviour of the adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of salicylic acid in aqueous TiO2 microsphere suspensionLi, XZ; Liu, H; Cheng, LF; Tong, HJ
2007Photochemical degradation of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol in the presence of a nonionic surfactant : pH control on reaction kineticsChoy, WK; Chu, W ; Kwan, CY
2008Three-dimensional gait analysis of obese adultsLai, PPK; Leung, AKL ; Li, ANM; Zhang, M 
2009Mechanism of bis(7)-tacrine inhibition of GABA-activated current in cultured rat hippocampal neuronsZhou, L; Liu, YW; Peoples, RW; Yang, M; Tian, X; Ai, YX; Pang, YP; Li, ZW; Han, YF ; Li, CY
2009Reaction kinetics of photocatalytic degradation of sulfosalicylic acid using TiO2 microspheresWang, C; Zhang, X; Liu, H; Li, X; Li, W; Xu, H
30-Mar-2010Degradation of azo dye orange G in aqueous solutions by persulfate with ferrous ionXu, XR; Li, XZ
2011Consideration of gender differences in ankle stabilizer selection for half-squat parachute landingNiu, W; Wang, Y; Yao, J; Zhang, M ; Fan, Y; Zhao, Q
2012Influence of deposition parameters and kinetics of electroless Ni-P plating on polyester fiberGuo, RH; Jiang, SX ; Yuen, CWM; Ng, MCF ; Lan, JW; Zheng, GH
2013Effect of alignment changes on sagittal and coronal socket reaction moment interactions in transtibial prosthesesKobayashi, T; Orendurff, MS; Zhang, M ; Boone, DA
2014Landing pattern and vertical loading rates during first attempt of barefoot running in habitual shod runnersCheung, RT ; Rainbow, MJ
2015How a zigzag carbon nanotube growsYuan, Q; Ding, F 
2015Lower limb reaction force asymmetry in rowers with and without a history of back injuryAn, WW; Wong, V; Cheung, RTH