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2001Kinematics of rotational mobilisation of the lumbar spineLee, RYW
2001Comparison of upper limb joint forces during straight line and turning wheelchair maneuversLam, WN; Mak, AFT; Tam, WC ; Cooper, RA
2001Fuzzy model reference control of wheeled mobile robotsLam, HK; Lee, TH; Leung, FHF ; Tam, PKS
2002Relationship between the movements of the lumbar spine and hipLee, RYW; Wong, TKT
2003Kinematics analysis of an offset 3-UPU translational parallel robotic manipulatorJi, P ; Wu, H
2003Kinematic study of spinal manipulationNgan, Jim M. W
2003Effect of sitting posture on 3-dimensional scapular kinematics measured by skin-mounted electromagnetic tracking sensorsFinley, MA; Lee, RY
2003A real-time gyroscopic system for three-dimensional measurement of lumbar spine motionLee, RYW; Laprade, J; Fung, EHK
2003The influence of the length of lower-limb prosthesis on spinal kinematicsLee, RY; Turner-Smith, A
2004Effects of low back pain on the relationship between the movements of the lumbar spine and hipWong, TKT; Lee, RYW
2005Real-time measurement of patellofemoral kinematics in asymptomatic subjectsLaprade, J; Lee, R
2005The kinematics and intra- and inter-therapist consistencies of lower cervical rotational manipulationNgan, JMW; Chow, DHK; Holmes, AD
2005Dynamic response of the cervical spine to posteroanterior mobilisationLee, RYW; McGregor, AH; Bull, AMJ; Wragg, P
2005A comparison of symptomatic and asymptomatic office workers performing monotonous keyboard work—2: neck and shoulder kinematicsSzeto, GP ; Straker, LM; O’Sullivan, PB
2008Three-dimensional gait analysis of obese adultsLai, PPK; Leung, AKL ; Li, ANM; Zhang, M 
2009In-vitro kinematic testing of porcine cervical spine : a rotational manipulation modelNgan, JMW; Chow, DHK; Holmes, AD; Pope, MH; Lai, A
2011Design of a stiffness-adjustable ankle-foot orthosis and its effect on ankle joint kinematics in patients with strokeKobayashi, T; Leung, AKL ; Akazawa, Y; Hutchins, SW
2011Biomechanics in rehabilitation engineeringZhang, M ; Fan, YB; Wang, XT
2011Consideration of gender differences in ankle stabilizer selection for half-squat parachute landingNiu, W; Wang, Y; Yao, J; Zhang, M ; Fan, Y; Zhao, Q
26-Oct-2011Why do woodpeckers resist head impact injury : a biomechanical investigationWang, L; Cheung, TMJ; Pu, F; Li, D; Zhang, M ; Fan, YB
2013A study of spinal kinematics in community nurses performing nursing tasksSzeto, GPY ; Wong, KT; Law, KY; Lee, EWC
2013Normal kinematics of the neck : the interplay between the cervical and thoracic spinesTsang, SMH; Szeto, GPY ; Lee, RYW