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1997An improved filter for high order integrated GPS/INS based on the U-D factorizationHe, XF; Chen, YQ ; Iz, HB 
1999Application of interval Kalman filter to an integrated GPS/INS systemHe, X; Chen, YQ 
2001An advanced evolutionary algorithm for parameter estimation of the discrete kalman filterChan, ZSH; Ngan, HW; Fung, YF; Rad, AB
2002Estimation of the INS’s errorsWu, J; Tsang, KM ; Nie, L
Feb-2002Speed estimation of an induction motor drive using an optimized extended Kalman filterShi, K; Chan, TF; Wong, YK; Ho, SL 
2003SAR motion information sensor based on GNSS/SINSSun, YR; Liu, JY; Chen, W ; Chen, YQ 
2003Tourism demand modeling : a time-varying parameter approachSong, H ; Wong, KKF
2006Wet refractivity tomography with an improved Kalman-Filter methodCao, Y; Chen, Y ; Li, P
Jan-2006Time varying parameter and fixed parameter linear AIDS : an application to tourism demand forecastingLi, G; Song, H ; Witt, SF
1-Nov-2006Tourism demand forecasting : a time varying parameter error correction modelLi, G; Wong, KKF; Song, H ; Witt, SF
2007GPS结构振动监测数据滤波方法及其性能实验研究Zhong, P; Ding, XL ; Zheng, DW; Chen, W ; Xu, YL 
Dec-2011Kalman filter based estimation of neutral axis position of bridge deck under traffic loadingXia, HW; Ni, YQ ; Ye, XW
2013Kalman-filter-based approach for multisensor, multitrack, and multitemporal InSARHu, J; Ding, XL ; Li, ZW; Zhu, JJ; Sun, Q; Zhang, L 
2013Multi-type sensor placement for multi-scale response reconstructionZhu, S ; Zhang, XH; Xu, YL ; Zhan, S
2014Novel cubature Kalman filtering for systems involving nonlinear states and linear measurementsWang, S; Feng, J; Tse, CK 
2014Why do people appear not to extrapolate trajectories during multiple object tracking? A computational investigationZhong, SH; Ma, Z; Wilson, C; Liu, Y ; Flombaum, JI
2015Mitigating the antenna orientation effect on indoor Wi-Fi positioning of mobile phonesSu, D; Situ, Z; Ho, IWH