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15-Apr-1996Characteristic analysis of coupled microstrip patch resonators on ferrimagnetic substratesSun, K; Chen, Y; Barry, W; Corlett, J
15-Jul-2007Heterogeneous photodegradation of bisphenol A with iron oxides and oxalate in aqueous solutionLi, FB; Li, XZ; Li, XM; Liu, TX; Dong, J
1-Oct-2007Effect of alumina on photocatalytic activity of iron oxides for bisphenol A degradationLi, FB; Li, XZ; Liu, CS; Liu, TX
2013Mechanisms of EDDS adsorption on goethite and hematite under aqueous and dehydrated conditionsTsang, DCW ; Yan, DYS; Lo, IMC; Yip, TCM
2014Fabrication of iron oxide nanotube arrays by electrochemical anodizationXie, KY; Guo, M; Huang, HT ; Liu, YX