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2004Improvement on reliability and error recovery ability of vehicle positioning by a new map matching methodYu, M; Chen, W ; Li, Z 
2008Effects of ionospheric disturbances on GPS observation in low latitude areaChen, W ; Gao, S; Hu, C; Chen, Y ; Ding, X 
2008Monitoring and modelling Hong Kong ionosphere using regional GPS networksGao, Shan
Aug-2011Equatorial ionospheric zonal drift by monitoring local GPS reference networksJi, S; Chen, W ; Ding, X ; Zhao, C
2013A study of occurrence characteristics of plasma bubbles over Hong Kong areaJi, S; Chen, W ; Wang, Z; Xu, Y; Weng, D; Wan, J; Fan, Y; Huang, B; Fan, S; Sun, G; Wang, H; Song, D; He, Y
2013A 2-d ionospheric model for low latitude area-Hong KongKao, SP; Tu, YM; Ji, S; Chen, W ; Wang, Z; Weng, D; Ding, X ; Hu, T
2014First preliminary fast static ambiguity resolution results of medium-baseline with triple-frequency Beidou wavebandsJi, SY; Wang, XL; Xu, Y; Wang, ZJ; Chen, W ; Liu, H
2014Improving the robustness and accuracy of GPS software receiver under ionospheric scintillation conditionsXu, Rui