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2013A 2-d ionospheric model for low latitude area-Hong KongKao, SP; Tu, YM; Ji, S; Chen, W ; Wang, Z; Weng, D; Ding, X ; Hu, T
2008Effects of ionospheric disturbances on GPS observation in low latitude areaChen, W ; Gao, S; Hu, C; Chen, Y ; Ding, X 
Aug-2011Equatorial ionospheric zonal drift by monitoring local GPS reference networksJi, S; Chen, W ; Ding, X ; Zhao, C
2014Improving the robustness and accuracy of GPS software receiver under ionospheric scintillation conditionsXu, Rui
2008Monitoring and modelling Hong Kong ionosphere using regional GPS networksGao, Shan
2013A study of occurrence characteristics of plasma bubbles over Hong Kong areaJi, S; Chen, W ; Wang, Z; Xu, Y; Weng, D; Wan, J; Fan, Y; Huang, B; Fan, S; Sun, G; Wang, H; Song, D; He, Y