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2001Some two-echelon style-goods inventory models with asymmetric market informationLau, HLA; Lau, HS
2001Pricing/inventory decisions and profit shares in a non-integrated marketing channel for a single-period productLau, HS; Lau, AL; Kottas, JF
2002A comparison of different methods for estimating the average inventory level in a (Q,R) system with backordersLau, AHL; Lau, HS
2003Solving the multi-buyer joint replenishment problem with a modified genetic algorithmChan, CK ; Cheung, BKS; Langevin, A
2003Comparative normative optimal behavior in two-echelon multiple-retailer distribution systems for a single-period productLau, AHL; Lau, HS
2005Regional bias of landslide data in generating susceptibility maps using logistic regression : case of Hong Kong IslandChau, KT ; Chan, JE
Feb-2005The impact of information sharing in a two-level supply chain with multiple retailersCheng, TCE ; Wu, YN
2006Impact of introducing make-to-order options in a make-to-stock environmentJiang, L ; Geunes, J
2006Quick response policy with Bayesian information updatesChoi, TM ; Li, D; Yan, H
2007Pre-season stocking and pricing decisions for fashion retailers with multiple information updatingChoi, TM 
2008Inventory policy, accruals quality and information riskKrishnan, GV; Srinidhi, B; Su, LN 
2008A mathematical model for a multi-commodity, two-stage transportation and inventory problemJi, P ; Chen, KJ; Yan, QP
2008Quick response procurement cost control strategy for fabric manufacturingYan, H ; Tang, S; Yen, G
2008Mean- variance analysis for the newsvendor problemChoi, TM ; Li, D; Yan, H
Sep-2008The impact of information sharing in a multiple-echelon supply chainWu, YN; Cheng, TCE 
2009Pre-distribution and post-distribution cross-docking operationsYan, H ; Tang, SL
2010Order-fulfillment performance analysis of an assemble-to-order system with unreliable machinesGao, C; Shen, H; Cheng, TCE 
2010Customer-driven vs. retailer-driven search : channel performance and implicationsJiang, L ; Anupindi, R
2011Managing carbon footprints in inventory managementHua, G; Cheng, TCE ; Wang, S
2012Optimal order lot sizing and pricing with free shippingHua, G; Wang, S; Cheng, TCE 
2012A serial mixed produce-to-order and produce-in-advance inventory model with multiple retailersWu, Y; Cheng, TCE ; Zhang, J