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Aug-1998An efficient weight optimization algorithm for image representation using nonorthogonal basis imagesChan, YH 
Nov-1998A modified multiscale error diffusion technique for digital halftoningChan, YH 
2001Feature guide : a statistically based feature selection schemeYou, J ; Dillon, T; Pissaloux, E
2002Block motion estimation using adaptive partial distortion searchChan, YL ; Siu, WC ; Hui, KC
2002Image classification with structured self-organization mapWang, Z; Hagenbuchner, M; Tsoi, AC; Cho, SY; Chi, Z 
2003Content-based image retrieval with relevance feedback using adaptive processing of tree-structure image representationWang, Z; Chi, Z ; Feng, D; Tsoi, AC
2003Sampling Gabor features for face recognitionLiu, DH; Lam, KM ; Shen, LS
2003Scene cut detection using the colored pattern appearance modelSze, KW; Lam, KM ; Qiu, G
2003Region-based binary tree representation for image classificationWang, Z; Feng, D; Chi, Z 
2004Volume of interest (VOI) feature representation and retrieval of multi-dimensional dynamic positron emission tomography imagesWu, H; Kim, J; Cai, W; Feng, DD
2004A novel illumination compensation scheme for sprite codingCheung, HK; Siu, WC ; Feng, DD; Cho, KW
2004An accurate active shape model for facial feature extractionWan, KW; Lam, KM ; Ng , KC
Jan-2004Two-dimensional PCA : a new approach to appearance-based face representation and recognitionYang, J; Zhang, DD ; Frangi, AF; Yang, JY
2006Object popping-out and characterization based on the human visual mechanismFu, H; Chi, Z ; Feng, D
2007Pre-classification module for an all-season image retrieval systemFu, H; Chi, ZG ; Feng, DD; Zou, W; Lo, KC; Zhao, X
Aug-2007Constructing PCA baseline algorithms to reevaluate ICA-based face-recognition performanceYang, J; Zhang, DD ; Yang, JY
2008Online personal identification in night using multiple face representationsKumar, A ; Srikanth, T
2010Structure-adaptive feature extraction and representation for multi-modality lung images retrievalSong, Y; Cai, W; Eberl, S; Fulham, MJ; Feng, D
2010Contactless palm vein identification using multiple representationsZhou, Y; Kumar, A 
2010Rapid image retargeting based on curve-edge grid representationRen, T; Liu, Y ; Wu, G
2011Sparsity-based image denoising via dictionary learning and structural clusteringDong, W; Li, X; Zhang, L ; Shi, G
2011Sparse representation or collaborative representation : which helps face recognition?Zhang, L ; Yang, M; Feng, X
2012Human identification from at-a-distance face images using sparse representation of local iris featuresKumar, A ; Chan, TS; Tan, CW
Jan-2012Hypergraph-based saliency map generation with potential region-of-interest approximation and validationLiang, Z; Fu, H; Chi, ZG ; Feng, DD
2013Sparse variation dictionary learning for face recognition with a single training sample per personYang, M; Gool, LV; Zhang, L