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2001Document image template matching based on component block listPeng, H; Long, F; Chi, Z ; Siu, WC 
2001Objective assessment of 3-D medical image registration results using statistical confidence intervalsWang, HS; Feng, DD; Huang, SC
2004Hierarchical elastic registration of human brain images based on wavelet decompositionWang, X; Feng, DD
2004An automated elastic image registration method for CT and MR brain imagesLaw, W; Feng, DD; Wong, KP; Wang, X
2007Minimum cross-entropy reconstruction of PET images with anatomically based anisotropic median-diffusion filteringChan, C; Fulton, R; Cai, W; Feng, D; Meikle, S
2007Medical image registration via steerable pyramidWang, X; Feng, D
2009Ground settlement monitoring from temporarily persistent scatterers between two SAR acquisitionsZhang, L; Ding, XL ; Feng, GC; Lu, Z
2009Non-iterative hierarchical registration for medical imagesWang, X; Feng, DD
2009A non-local post-filtering algorithm for PET incorporating anatomical knowledgeChan, C; Meikle, S; Fulton, R; Tian, G; Cai, W; Feng, D
2009Image fusion enhancement of deformable human structures using a two-stage warping-deformable strategy : a content-based image retrieval considerationTang, FH; Ip, H
2010Multiscale deformable registration using edge preserving scale space for adaptive radiation therapyLi, D; Wang, X; Wang, H; Yin, Y; Feng, D
2012Automatic descending aorta segmentation in whole-body PET-CT studies for PERCIST-based thresholdingBi, L; Kim, J; Wen, LF; Feng, D
2012Higher level segmentation : detecting and grouping of invariant repetitive patternsCai, Y; Baciu, G 
2012Automated and robust PERCIST-based thresholding framework for whole body PET-CT studiesBi, L; Kim, J; Wen, LF; Feng, D
2012Recognition of Finger Flexion Motion from Ultrasound Image : a Feasibility StudyShi, J; Guo, JY; Hu, SX; Zheng, YP 
2012Deformable registration model with local rigidity preservation for radiation therapy of lung tumorZheng, C; Wang, X; Chen, J; Yin, Y; Feng, D
2013Automatic tracking of aponeuroses and estimation of muscle thickness in ultrasonography : a feasibility studyLing, S; Zhou, Y; Chen, Y; Zhao, YQ; Wang, L; Zheng, YP 
2014An adaptive patient specific deformable registration for breast images of positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging using finite element approachXue, C; Tang, FH