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Jan-1998Length estimation of digit strings using a neural network with structure-based featuresLu, Z; Chi, ZG ; Siu, WC 
2001Cloud detection using probabilistic neural networksZhang, WD; He, MX; Mak, MW 
2003Scene cut detection using the colored pattern appearance modelSze, KW; Lam, KM ; Qiu, G
2004Medical diagnostic image data fusion based on wavelet transformation and self-organising features mapping neural networksZhang, QP; Tang, WJ; Lai, LL; Sun, WC; Wong, KP
2004Intramodal and intermodal fusion for audio-visual biometric authenticationCheung, MC; Mak, MW ; Kung, SY
2004Bark texture feature extraction based on statistical texture analysisWan, YY; Du, JX; Huang, DS; Chi, Z ; Cheung, YM; Wang, XF; Zhang, GJ
Oct-2004An improved LDA approachJing, XY; Zhang, DD ; Tang, YY
2005Bi-dierectional PCA with assembled matrix distance metricZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2005Assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based face and palmprint recognitionZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2005Bi-directional PCA with assembled matrix distance metricZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2006An alternative formulation of kernel LPP with application to image recognitionFeng, G; Hu, D; Zhang, D ; Zhou, Z
2006A theoretical analysis on nearest feature space classifierZhang, H; Wang, K; Zhang, D ; Niu, X; Zuo, W; Chen, Y
2006An assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based image recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, D ; Wang, K
2006A novel supervised dimensionality reduction algorithm for online image recognitionSong, F; Zhang, D ; Chen, Q; Yang, J
Aug-2006Bidirectional PCA with assembled matrix distance metric for image recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, DD ; Wang, K
2008Enhanced biologically inspired modelHuang, Y; Huang, K; Wang, L; Tao, D; Tan, T; Li, X
2009Human identification using KnuckleCodesKumar, A ; Zhou, Y
2010Palmprint recognition using rank level fusionKumar, A ; Shekhar, S
2010Contactless palm vein identification using multiple representationsZhou, Y; Kumar, A 
2011A multi-manifold discriminant analysis method for image feature extractionYang, W; Sun, C; Zhang, L 
2011Structure context of local features in realistic human action recognitionWu, Q; Lu, S; Wang, Z; Deng, F; Kang, W; Feng, DD
2016Field effect deep networks for image recognition with incomplete dataZhong, SH; Liu, Y ; Hu, KA
2016Approximate orthogonal sparse embedding for dimensionality reductionLai, Z; Wong, WK; Xu, Y; Yang, J; Zhang, D