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2000Video object extraction and representation : theory and applicationsLin, IJ; Kung, SY
2001Multimedia image and video processingGuan, L; Kung, SY; Larson, J
2001Data management and Internet computing for image/pattern analysisZhang, D ; Li, X; Liu, Z
2001Error diffusion techniques with reduced patterning artifacts and directional hysteresisKwong, Hing-tung
2002Techniques for reducing the computation effort of matching pursuitsCheung, Kin-pong
2003Analysis of moment invariants and its uses for the retrieval of trademark imagesLau, Ka-lai
2003From halftoning to compressing halftone imagesCheung, Sin-ming
2003Techniques for image enhancement and robust video communicationsChan, Chi-lun
2003Shape analysis for image retrievalChoi, Wai-pak
2003Novel feature representation and matching techniques for content-based image retrievalWang, Zhiyong
2003Singularity detection for regularity scalable image codingHo, Yuk-fan.
2003Color image quantization & halftoning based on human visual perceptionYu, Mei-ping Lily.
2004Integration of multi-source data for automated building extractionKhoshelham, Kourosh
2005Unified feature analysis in multiple compressed domainsAu, Ka-man
2005Automatic fusion of photogrammetric imagery and laser scanner point cloudsForkuo, Eric Kwabena
2005Correction of Terrain effects on satellite image radianceLaw, Kin-hang
2005A study of the synchronization and desynchronization dynamics of the neural oscillatory network and the applications in scene analysisLi, Chung-lam Gary
2005Efficient algorithms for human face modelingChow, Tze-yin
2006On the restoration and formation of color-quantized imagesFung, Yik-hing
2007Efficient schemes for indexing and retrieval from large face databasesKoo, Hei-sheung
2007Establishment of an electronic portfolio system with PACS connectivity reflecting educational pedagogy in a radiography undergraduate programmeNg, Kin-cheung
2009Facial image analysis for video indexing and retrievalTse, Siu-hong
2009Feature-preserving processing techniques for color filter array imagesChung, King-hong