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2005Detection and interpretation of landslides using satellite imagesNichol, J ; Wong, MS
2007Multisource image fusion method using support value transformZheng, S; Shi, WZ ; Liu, J; Zhu, GX; Tian, JW
2008Remote sensing image fusion using multiscale mapped LS-SVMZheng, S; Shi, WZ ; Liu, J; Tian, J
2008Multispectral palmprint recognition using wavelet-based image fusionHan, D; Guo, Z; Zhang, D 
1-Apr-2009Spectropolarimetric imaging for pathological analysis of skinZhao, Y; Zhang, L ; Pan, Q
2010Palmprint recognition using rank level fusionKumar, A ; Shekhar, S
2010Multivariate statistical analysis of measures for assessing the quality of image fusionLi, S; Li, Z ; Gong, J
2011Data fusion using aerial photographs and satellite images for detailed landslide assessmentWong, MS ; Nichol, J ; Shaker, A; Hui, CF