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2001Image segmentation by changing template block by blockSin, CF; Leung, CK 
2001Feature guide : a statistically based feature selection schemeYou, J ; Dillon, T; Pissaloux, E
2004Machine learning techniques for ontology-based leaf classificationFu, H; Chi, ZG ; Feng, DD; Song, J
2005Genetic evolution processing of data structures for image classificationCho, SY; Chi, Z 
2006Improvement of image classification with wavelet and Independent Component Analysis (ICA) based on a structured neural networkZou, WB; Li, Y; Lo, KC; Chi, Z 
2007Robust object extraction and change detection in retinal images for diabetic clinical studiesLi, Q; You, J ; Bhattacharya, P
2007Pre-classification module for an all-season image retrieval systemFu, H; Chi, ZG ; Feng, DD; Zou, W; Lo, KC; Zhao, X
2008Image annotation with parametric mixture model based multi-class multi-labelingWang, Z; Siu, WC ; Feng, DD
2008Modelling the development of fluid dispensing for electronic packaging : hybrid particle swarm optimization based-wavelet neural network approachLing, SH; Iu, HHC; Leung, FHF ; Chan, KY
2008Improvement of image classification using wavelet coefficients with structured-based neural networkZou, W; Chi, Z ; Lo, KC
Oct-2008Efficient rotation- and scale-invariant texture classification method based on Gabor waveletsXie, X; Dai, Q; Lam, KMK ; Zhao, H
Oct-2008Image-based evaluation of seam puckering appearanceXin, B; Baciu, G ; Hu, J 
2011Sparse representation or collaborative representation : which helps face recognition?Zhang, L ; Yang, M; Feng, X
2011Bilinear deep learning for image classificationZhong, SH; Liu, Y ; Liu, Y
2012Object localization in medical images based on graphical model with contrast and interest-region termsSong, Y; Cai, W; Huang, H; Wang, Y; Feng, D
2013Multi-instance multi-label image classification : a neural approachChen, Z; Chi, Z ; Fu, H; Feng, D
2013Can ambiguous words be helpful in image-understanding systems?Zhou, H; Hu, J; Lam, KM 
2014Allocating classes for soft-then-hard subpixel mapping algorithms in units of ClassWang, Q; Shi, W ; Wang, L
2014Sparse representation based fisher discrimination dictionary learning for image classificationYang, M; Zhang, L ; Feng, XC; Zhang, D