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2003A mailbox-based scheme for improving mobile IP performanceZhang, L; Cao, J ; Das, SK
2003A hybrid re-keying mechanism for supporting secure multicast of multimedia data over the InternetPang, IYK; Chan, HCB 
2004Design and performance evaluation of an improved mobile IP protocolCao, J ; Zhang, L; Chan, H ; Das, SK
2005An efficient multicast service switching protocol in mobile IPCao, J ; Mullai, S; Leung, D; Cheng, H
2008TCP covert timing channels : design and detectionLuo, X; Chan, EWW; Chang, RKC 
2010IP Fast Reroute : NotVia with Early DecapsulationLi, Q; Xu, M; Li, QI; Wang, D ; Cui, Yong
2013An efficient approach to multi-level route analyticsChen, A; Chan, EWW; Luo, X ; Fok, WWT; Chang, RKC 
2013Two dimensional-IP routingXu, M; Yang, SHU; Wang, D ; Wu, J