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2000Sensor fault diagnosis and validation of building air conditioning systemsWang, Jinbo
2002Trade-off between temperature and air-movement for reducing air-conditioning energy use in residential buildings in Hong KongLeung, Wai-ho Wil
2002A method for evaluating the heat and mass transfer characteristics in a reversibly used water cooling tower (RUWCT) for heat recoveryTan, K; Deng, S 
15-Sep-2004Multiterminal junctions formed by heating ultrathin single-walled carbon nanotubesMeng, FY; Shi, SQ ; Xu, DS; Yang, R
2007Prediction, potential and control of plume from wet cooling tower of commercial buildings in Hong Kong: A case studyTyagi, SK; Wang, S ; Ma, Z
2008Sustainable thermal comfortLeung, Suet-ha
2008Development and verification of simulation model of hybrid ground-coupled heat pump systems with inclined boreholesCui, Ping
2009A systematic fault diagnosis strategy for building HVAC systemsZhou, Qiang
2011Experimental studies on a ground coupled heat pump with solar thermal collectors for space heatingChen, X; Yang, H ; Lu, L ; Wang, J; Liu, W
2011Application of Building Information Model (BIM) in building thermal comfort and energy consumption analysisLi, Yiye
2011Long term operation of a solar assisted ground coupled heat pump system for space heating and domestic hot waterChen, X; Lu, L ; Yang, H 
2012Performance analysis of a proposed solar assisted ground coupled heat pump systemChen, X; Yang, H