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Mar-1998Documentation in health careTsang, ASM
2000WWW + smart card: Towards a mobile health care management systemChan, ATS 
2001Neo-confucianism and physiotherapy : the mind-body-spirit connectionDean, E
2003Integrating smart card access to web-based medical information systemsChan, ATS 
2004A mobile phone integrated health care delivery system of medical imagesTang, FH; Law, MYY; Lee, ACH; Chan, LWC 
2006Sexual issues and concerns : tales of Chinese women with spinal cord impairmentsLi, CM; Yau, MK
2009Rich internet application system for patient-centric healthcare data management using handheld devicesConstantinescu, L; Pradana, R; Kim, J; Gong, P; Fulham, M; Feng, D
2011A narrative-based reasoning with applications in decision support for social service organizationsWang, WM; Cheung, CF 
2012Automatic descending aorta segmentation in whole-body PET-CT studies for PERCIST-based thresholdingBi, L; Kim, J; Wen, LF; Feng, D
2012Structural equation modeling for multi-stage analysis on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) diffusion in the health care industryChong, AYL; Chan, FTS 
6-Feb-2013Developing longitudinal qualitative designs : lessons learned and recommendations for health services researchCalman, L; Brunton, L; Molassiotis, A 
2015Communication in Hong Kong accident and emergency departments : the clinicians' perspectivesChandler, E; Slade, D ; Pun, J; Lock, G; Matthiessen, C ; Espindola, E; Ng, C
2016User-centred design approach for hydrotherapy wetsuitHan, F ; Shin, K ; Chow, D