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Dec-1999Analytical prediction of armature-reaction field in disc-type permanent magnet generatorsZhang, YJ; Ho, SL ; Wong, HCC; Xie, GD
2004Harmonic analysis of EMUs in railway systemsLo, E ; Lai, TM
2004A novel current source converter array with swapping of module control signalJun, L; Xu, D; Cheng, KWE 
Dec-2004Bound twin-pulse solitons in a fiber ring laserZhao, B; Tang, DY; Shum, P; Guo, X; Lu, C; Tam, HY 
Aug-2010Permanent-magnet synchronous generator supplying an isolated loadChan, TF; Wang, W; Lai, LL
2013General analytical method for magnetic field analysis of Halbach magnet arrays based on magnetic scalar potentialJin, P; Yuan, Y; Lin, H; Fang, S; Ho, SL