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2000Development of a low cost motion actuator as an artificial joint for the physically handicapped personCheung, NC 
2001Comparison of upper limb joint forces during straight line and turning wheelchair maneuversLam, WN; Mak, AFT; Tam, WC ; Cooper, RA
2007Myoelectrically controlled robotic system that provide voluntary mechanical help for persons after strokeSong, R; Tong, KYR; Hu, X; Zheng, XJ
2010An intention driven hand functions task training robotic systemTong, RKY ; Ho, SK; Pang, PMK; Hu, XL; Tam, WK; Fung, KL; Wei, XJ; Chen, PN; Chen, M
2010Effectiveness of functional electrical stimulation (FES)-robot assisted wrist training on persons after strokeHu, XL; Tong, KY ; Li, R; Chen, M; Xue, JJ; Ho, SK; Chen, PN