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20043D head model classification by evolutionary optimization of the Extended Gaussian Image representationWong, HS; Cheung, KKT; Ip, HHS
2005An accurate active shape model for facial feature extractionWan, KW; Lam, KM ; Ng, KC
2001An advanced evolutionary algorithm for parameter estimation of the discrete kalman filterChan, ZSH; Ngan, HW; Fung, YF; Rad, AB
2003Application of a mixed simulated annealing-genetic algorithm heuristic for the two-dimensional orthogonal packing problemLeung, TW; Chan, CK ; Troutt, MD
2007Application of a modified neural fuzzy network and an improved genetic algorithm to speech recognitionLeung, KF; Leung, FHF ; Lam, HK; Ling, SH
2006Applying fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms to enhance the efficacy of the PID controller in buffer overflow elimination for better channel response timeliness over the InternetLin, WWK; Wong, AKY; Wu, RSL
2013A block mining and re-combination enhanced genetic algorithm for the permutation flowshop scheduling problemChang, PC; Huang, WH; Wu, JL; Cheng, TCE 
2006Capturing aesthetic intention during interactive evolutionGu, Z; Tang, MX ; Frazer, JH
2006Central chilled water system optimal supervisory controller and its online evaluationMeng, H; Wang, S ; Long, W
2013Comparison of three global optimization algorithms for calibration of the Xinanjiang model parametersXu, DM; Wang, WC; Chau, KW ; Cheng, CT; Chen, SY
2007CONWIP based control of a lamp assembly production lineIp, WH ; Huang, M; Yung, KL ; Wang, D; Wang, X
2002Coordination of bidding strategies in day-ahead energy and spinning reserve marketsWen, F; David, AK
2012Cross-dock job assignment problem in space-constrained industrial logistics distribution hubs with a single docking zoneChoy, KL ; Chow, HKH; Poon, TC; Ho, GTS
2014Decision-making on multi-mould maintenance in production schedulingWong, CS; Chan, FTS ; Chung, SH
2005Decomposition algorithm of sEMG into SFAP based on GAWang, J; Li, T; Fei, XY; Tsang, KM ; Zhang, L
2007Development of a genetic algorithm for scheduling products with a multi-level structureChen, KJ; Ji, P 
2014Development of dynamic simplified thermal models of active pipe-embedded building envelopes using genetic algorithmZhu, Q; Xu, X; Wang, J; Xiao, F 
Dec-2004Digit and command interpretation for electronic book using neural network and genetic algorithmLam, HK; Leung, FHF 
2011Effective hill climbing algorithm for optimality of robust watermarking in digital imagesWu, CH; Zheng, Y; Ip, WH ; Lu, ZM; Chan, CY ; Yung, KL 
2001An efficient algorithm for human face detection and facial feature extraction under different conditionsWong, KW; Lam, KM ; Siu, WC 
2008An empirical study of a pure genetic algorithm to solve the capacitated vehicle routing problemWu, Y; Ji, P ; Wang, T
2009EvoArch : an evolutionary algorithm for architectural layout designWong, SSY; Chan, KCC 
2009An evolutionary algorithm for assembly job shop with part sharingChan, FTS ; Wong, TC; Chan, LY
2003Evolutionary discovery of fuzzy concepts in dataChung, LLH; Chan, KCC 
2000An evolving neural network approach in unit commitment solutionWong, M; Chung, T; Wong, Y
2003An expert system to support the optimization of ion plating process : an OLAP-based fuzzy-cum-GA approachLeung, RWK; Lau, HCW; Kwong, CK 
2011Fault diagnosis of car assembly line based on fuzzy wavelet kernel support vector classifier machine and modified genetic algorithmWu, Q; Law, R ; Wu, S
2011FMS scheduling with knowledge based genetic algorithm approachPrakash, A; Chan, FTS ; Deshmukh, SG
2013A framework for partitioning and execution of data stream applications in mobile cloud computingYang, L; Cao, J ; Yuan, Y; Li, T; Han, A; Chan, A 
2012A framework for partitioning and execution of data stream applications in mobile cloud computingYang, L; Cao, J ; Tang, S; Li, T; Chan, ATS 
2010Fuzzy support vector regression machine with penalizing Gaussian noises on triangular fuzzy number spaceWu, Q; Law, R 
2012A genetic algorithm approach for production scheduling with mould maintenance considerationWong, CS; Chan, FTS ; Chung, SH
2007A genetic algorithm approach to machine flexibility problems in an ion plating cellChan, FTS ; Au, KC; Chan, LY; Lau, TL; Choy, KL 
2001A genetic algorithm based method for bidding strategy coordination in energy and spinning reserve marketsWen, F; David, AK
2003A genetic algorithm based neural-tuned neural networkLing, SH; Lam, HK; Leung, FHF ; Lee, YS
2003A genetic algorithm based variable structure neural networkLing, SH; Lam, HK; Leung, FHF ; Lee, YS
2007A genetic algorithm for dynamic advanced planning and scheduling (DAPS) with a frozen intervalChen, KJ; Ji, P 
2003Genetic algorithm solution for a risk-based partner selection problem in a virtual enterpriseIp, WH ; Huang, M; Yung, KL ; Wang, D
2005A genetic algorithm to optimise the component placement process in PCB assemblyHo, W; Ji, P 
2007Genetic algorithm-based RBF neural network load forecasting modelYang, Z; Che, Y; Cheng, KWE 
2011A genetic algorithm-based scheduler for multiproduct parallel machine sheet metal job shopChan, FTS ; Choy, KL ; Bibhushan
2002Genetic algorithms for design of liquid retaining structureChau, KW ; Albermani, F
2005Genetic evolution processing of data structures for image classificationCho, SY; Chi, Z 
2004Global optimization for a special class of discrete-valued optimal control problemsLee, HWJ ; Ali, MM; Wong, KH
2015Heuristics for integrated job assignment and scheduling in the multi-plant remanufacturing systemLin, D; Teo, CC; Lee, CKM 
2012A hybrid descent method with genetic algorithm for microphone array placement designLi, Z; Yiu, KFC ; Feng, Z
2001A hybrid GA approach for optimal control setting determination of UPFCLeung, HC; Chung, TS
2001A hybrid neural network and genetic algorithm approach to the determination of initial process parameters for injection mouldingMok, SL; Kwong, CK ; Lau, WS
2011Hypoglycemia detection using fuzzy inference system with genetic algorithmLing, SH; Nguyen, HT; Leung, FHF 
2013IFSJSP: A novel methodology for the Job-Shop Scheduling Problem based on intuitionistic fuzzy setsZhang, X; Deng, Y; Chan, FT ; Xu, P; Mahadevan, S; Hu, Y
2005An improved genetic algorithm based fuzzy-tuned neural networkLing, SH; Leung, FHF ; Lam, HK
2008An improved genetic-algorithm-based neural-tuned neural networkLeung, FHF ; Ling, SH; Lam, HK
2003Improving the performance of a FBG sensor network using a genetic algorithmShi, CZ; Chan, CC; Jin, W ; Liao, YB; Zhou, Y; Demokan, MS
2015An integrated closed-loop supply chain model with location allocation problem and product recycling decisionsChen, YT; Chan, FTS ; Chung, SH
2015Integrated scheduling of a multi-product multi-factory manufacturing system with maritime transport limitsSun, XT; Chung, SH ; Chan, FTS 
2009An integrated scheduling problem of PCB components on sequential pick-and-place machines : mathematical models and heuristic solutionsHo, W; Ji, P 
2009Intelligent automatic fault detection for actuator failures in aircraftLo, CH; Fung, EHK; Wong, YK
2015An intelligent battery information management system to support information sharing and vehicle routing planning for battery distribution in Hong KongWong, DWC; Choy, KL ; Lin, C; Lam, HY; Lee, CKH ; Chow, HKH; Pang, GKH
2012An intelligent vehicle management system for reducing greenhouse gas emission - a case study of hybrid vehicle engineWong, DWC; Choy, KL ; Lam, HY; Lin, C; Lee, CKH; Chow, HKH; Zhang, X
2007An investigation of reactive power planning based on chance constrained programmingYang, N; Yu, C; Wen, F; Chung, CY
2006Mathematical model and genetic optimization for the job shop scheduling problem in a mixed- and multi-product assembly environment : a case study based on the apparel industryGuo, ZX; Wong, WK ; Leung, SYS ; Fan, JT; Chan, SF
2013Minimising earliness and tardiness by integrating production scheduling with shipping informationMa, HL; Chan, FTS ; Chung, SH
2011Minimization of order tardiness through collaboration strategy in multifactory production systemChung, SH; Chan, FTS ; Ip, WH 
2008A mixed simulated annealing-genetic algorithm approach to the multi-buyer multi-item joint replenishment problem : advantages of meta-heuristicsLeung, TW; Chan, CK ; Troutt, MD
2010Modelling and optimization of fluid dispensing for electronic packaging using neural fuzzy networks and genetic algorithmsChan, KY; Kwong, CK ; Tsim, YC
2013A modified genetic algorithm for maximizing handling reliability and recyclability of distribution centersChung, SH; Chan, HK; Chan, FTS 
2012A modified genetic algorithm for quay crane scheduling operationsChung, SH; Choy, KL 
2007Multi-concentric optimal charging cordon designSumalee, A
2013Multi-dimensional complex-valued Gabor wavelet networksMak, KL; Peng, P; Yiu, KFC ; Li, LK
2013Multi-level genetic algorithm for the resource-constrained re-entrant scheduling problem in the flow shopLin, D; Lee, CKM ; Ho, W
2011Multi-objective optimization matching for one-shot multi-attribute exchanges with quantity discounts in E-brokerageJiang, ZZ; Ip, WH ; Lau, HCW; Fan, ZP
2002New GA approach for optimal control setting determination of UPFC in power system operationChung, TS; Leung, HC
2012Non-invasive nocturnal hypoglycemia detection for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus using genetic fuzzy logic methodLing, SH; San, PP; Nguyen, HT; Leung, FHF 
2009Nonlinear system identification using optimized dynamic neural networkXie, WF; Zhu, YQ; Zhao, ZY; Wong, YK
2010Operation allocation in automated manufacturing system using GA-based approach with multifidelity modelsChan, FTS ; Chaube, A; Mohan, V; Arora, V; Tiwari, MK
2001Optimal bidding strategy in spinning reserve marketWen, FS; David, AK
2009Optimal design and techno-economic analysis of a hybrid solar-wind power generation systemYang, H ; Zhou, W; Lou, C
2010An optimal design method for the minimization of cogging torques of a permanent magnet motor using FEM and genetic algorithmHo, SL ; Chen, N; Fu, WN 
2013Optimal dispatch of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to reduce the load fluctuations on distribution networksWang, G; Wen, F; Xu, Z ; Wong, KP
2004Optimal generation expansion planning via improved genetic algorithm approachChung, TS; Li, YZ; Wang, ZY