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2000The generalized DEA model and the convex cone constrained gameHao, G; Wei, QL; Yan, H 
2000Market information and firm performanceRaju, JS; Roy, A
2000The use of game theory in transmission embedded cost allocationYu, CW; David, AK; Wong, YK
Nov-2000A game theoretical model of DEA efficiencyHao, G; Wei, QL; Yan, H 
2002Playing tic-tac-toe using a modified neural network and an improved genetic algorithmLam, HK; Ling, SH; Leung, FHF ; Tam, PKS; Lee, YS
2006Vendor certification and appraisal : implications for supplier qualityHwang, I; Radhakrishnan, S; Su, L 
2008Vertical cost information sharing in a supply chain with value-adding retailersYao, DQ; Yue, X; Liu, J
2008A Game-theoretic Approach to Choice of Profit and Revenue Maximization Strategies in Tourism Supply Chains for Package HolidaysYang, S; Huang, GQ; Song, H ; Liang, L
2009Purchasing choices and channel structure strategies for a two-echelon system with risk-averse playersXiao, T; Choi, TM 
2009Play or not to play - An analysis of the mechanism of the zero-commission Chinese outbound tours through a game theory approachZhang Qiu, H ; Heung, VCS; Yan, YQ
2009Price wall or war : the pricing strategies for retailersChiu, CH; Choi, TM ; Li, D
2009Retailers' multichannel and price advertising strategiesZhang, X 
1-May-2009Game-Theoretic Approach to Competition Dynamics in Tourism Supply ChainsYang, S; Huang, GQ; Song, H ; Liang, L
2-Jun-2009Four-state rock-paper-scissors games in constrained Newman-Watts networksZhang, GY; Chen, Y; Qi, WK; Qing, SM
2010Game-theoretic approach to tourism supply chain coordination under demand uncertainty for package holidaysZhang, X; Song, H ; Huang, GQ; Chen, W
2010Price and lead time decisions in dual-channel supply chainsHua, G; Wang, S; Cheng, TCE 
2010Competitive capacity and price decisions for two build-to-order manufacturers facing time-dependent demandsXiao, T; Choi, TM 
9-Jul-2010Modelling the effects of competition on seaports terminal awardingYip, TL ; Liu, JJ; Fu, X
2011How does a retailer's service plan affect a manufacturer's warranty?Jiang, B; Zhang, X 
2011Coordinating a two-supplier and one-retailer supply chain with forecast updatingYang, D; Choi, TM ; Xiao, T; Cheng, TCE 
2011Non-cooperative quality-aware channel and bandwidth allocations in multi-radio multi-channel wireless networksFeng, W; Cao, J ; Yang, L
2011EDJam : effective dynamic jamming against IEEE 802.15.4-compliant wireless personal area networksLiu, G; Luo, J; Xiao, Q; Xiao, B 
2011The digital rights management game in peer-to-peer streaming systemsZhang, J; Lou, W 
Jul-2011Investigation on why the practice of rural residence land exchange is different under development driven condition and disaster induced conditionPeng, Y; Shen, LY; Zhang, XL; Ochoa, JJ
2012Service commitment strategy and pricing decisions in retail supply chains with risk-averse playersXiao, T; Choi, TM ; Yang, D; Cheng, TCE
2012Pricing, competition and innovation : a profitable business model to resolve the tussle involved in peer-to-peer streaming applicationsYang, L; Lou, W 
2013How transaction costs affect real estate developers entering into the building energy efficiency (BEE) market?Qian, QK; Chan, EHW ; Choy, LHT 
2013The logic behind conflicts in land acquisitions in contemporary China : a framework based upon game theoryHui, ECM ; Bao, H
2014Change negotiation in public-private partnership projects through output specifications: an experimental approach based on game theoryJaved, AA; Lam, PTI ; Chan, APC 
2014Product variety and channel structure strategy for a retailer-Stackelberg supply chainXiao, T; Choi, TM ; Cheng, TCE 
2014Game analysis and improvement of the medical expenses paymentQing, F; Luo, L; Zhao, M; Ren, Q
2015Competition and coordination in online and offline hotel distribution channels under commission override modelLiao, P; Ye, F; Tayi, GK; Zhao, X
2015Effects of carbon tariffs trading policy on duoply market entry decisions and price competition : insights from textile firms of developing countriesWang, M; Liu, J; Chan, HL; Choi, TM ; Yue, X
2015Optimal variety and pricing decisions of a supply chain with economies of scopeXiao, TJ; Choi, TM ; Cheng, TCE 
2015Distributed power splitting for SWIPT in relay interference channels using game theoryChen, H; Li, Y; Jiang, Y; Ma, Y; Vucetic, B
2015Community clinic : economizing mobile cloud service cost via cloudlet groupZhang, J; Xiong, T; Lou, W 
2016Delivery leadtime and channel structure decisions for make-to-order duopoly under different game scenariosXiao, T; Choi, TM ; Cheng, TCE 
2016Channel selection in a supply chain with a multi-channel retailer : the role of channel operating costsWang, W; Li, G; Cheng, TCE 
2016Free riding and coordination in a dual-channel supply chain in e-commerceLuo, M; Li, G; Cheng, TCE 
2016Pricing strategy for a two-echelon supply chain with optimized return effort levelXie, Y; Tai, AH; Ching, WK; Siu, TK