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2009Family therapy in the forbidden city : a review of Chinese journals from 1978 to 2006Sim, T ; Hu, C
May-2012The growing pains of family therapy in SingaporeSim, BWT 
2013Family-based models for childhood-obesity intervention : a systematic review of randomized controlled trialsSung-Chan, P ; Sung, YW; Zhao, X; Brownson, RC
2014Up close : family therapy challenges and innovations around the worldRoberts, J; Abu-Baker, K; Diez Fernández, C; Chong Garcia, N; Fredman, G; Kamya, H; Martín Higarza, Y; Fortes de Leff, J; Messent, P; Nakamura, SI; Torun Reid, F; Sim, T ; Subrahmanian, C; Zevallos Vega, R