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2004Exploring critical success factors for partnering in construction projectsChan, APC ; Chan, DWM ; Chiang, YH ; Tang, BS; Chan, EHW ; Ho, KSK
2004Chemical characteristics of aerosols at coastal station in Hong Kong. II. Environmental behavior of trace elements during the April 1995 to April 1996Lam, KS; Cheng, ZL; Kot, SC; Tsang, CW
2004Factor analysis-based studies on construction workplace safety management in ChinaFang, DP; Xie, F; Huang, XY; Li, H 
2006Factors affecting buildability of building designsWong, FWH; Lam, PTI ; Chan, EHW ; Wong, FKW 
2007Data mining and multivariate statistical analysis for ecological system in coastal watersChau, KW ; Muttil, N
2008Analytical comparison of different parts of Radix Angelicae Sinensis by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometryWei, SY; Xu, CJ; Mok, DKW ; Cao, H; Lau, TY; Chau, FT
2008Critical factors for improving social sustainability of urban renewal projectsChan, EHW ; Lee, GKL
2008Barriers to EMS in the hotel industryChan, ESW 
2009Health or Self-indulgence? The motivations and characteristics of spa-goersMak, AHN; Wong, KKF; Chang, RCY
2009Design considerations for environmental sustainability in high density development : a case study of Hong KongChan, EHW ; Lee, GKL
2010Multivariate statistical analysis of measures for assessing the quality of image fusionLi, S; Li, Z ; Gong, J
2010Satisfaction scale for community nursing : development and validationCheng, WLS; Lai, CKY 
2011Major obstacles to improving the performance of waste management in China's construction industryYuan, H; Shen, L; Wang, J
2011Hotel career management in China measurement scale development and empirical studyKong, H; Song, H
2011The HKCUPU system for the NIST 2010 speaker recognition evaluationJiang, W; Mak, MW ; Rao, W; Meng, H
Jul-2011Perceived benefits of applying Pay for Safety Scheme (PFSS) in construction : a factor analysis approachChoi, TNY; Chan, DWM ; Chan, APC 
2012Critical social sustainability factors in urban conservation : the case of the central police station compound in Hong KongYung, EHK ; Chan, HWE 
2012Undergraduates' perceptions toward the adoption of computer-based training in hotelsChan, E; Choi, J
2012Measuring safety climate in elderly homesYeung, KC; Chan, CC
Jan-2012Investigation of barriers to entry into the design-build market in the People’s Republic of ChinaXia, B; Chan, APC 
Feb-2012Risk mitigation strategies for guaranteed maximum price and target cost contracts in construction : a factor analysis approachChan, JHL; Chan, DWM ; Chan, APC ; Lam, TIP 
2013Factors affecting horticultural and cleaning workers' preference on cooling vestsChan, APC ; Yang, Y; Wong, DP; Lam, EWM; Li, Y
2013Validation of a Chinese version of the Assessing Emotions Scale for measuring the emotional intelligence of Chinese adolescentsKo, FS; Siu, AM 
2013Factors affecting effectiveness and efficiency of analyzing stakeholders' needs at the briefing stage of public private partnership projectsTang, L; Shen, Q 
2013Post-course subjective outcome evaluation of a course promoting leadership and intrapersonal development in university students in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Sun, RCF
2013Development and validation of a Chinese version of the Falls Efficacy Scale InternationalKwan, MMS; Tsang, WWN ; Close, JCT; Lord, SR
2014Post-course subjective outcome evaluation of a subject on leadership and intrapersonal development for university students in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Yu, L 
2014Green marketing : hotel customers' perspectiveChan, ESW 
2014Understanding the shopping motivation of Mainland Chinese tourists in Hong KongTsang, NKF ; Lee, LYS; Liu, CKL
2014Lexical markup framework : an ISO standard for electronic lexicons and its implications for Asian languagesGil, F; Huang, CR 
2015An empirical study of hospitality employability skills : perceptions of entry-level hotel staff in ChinaYang, H; Cheung, C ; Fang, CC
2015Procurement-related critical factors for briefing in Public-Private Partnership Projects : case of Hong KongTang, LY; Shen, GQP ; Skitmore, M; Wang, H
2016Embeddedness of codes of ethics in construction organizationsOladinrin, OT; Ho, CMF 
2016Holistic health status questionnaire : developing a measure from a Hong Kong Chinese populationChan, CW ; Wong, FKY ; Yeung, SM; Sum, F
2016Refined comorbidity index based on dimensionality of comorbidity for use in studies of health-related quality of lifeOu, HT; Lin, CY ; Erickson, SR; Balkrishnan, R
2016Subjective outcome evaluation of a university subject on leadership and intrapersonal developmentShek, DTL ; Liang, J ; Law, MYM
2016Critical enablers for codes of ethics implementation in construction organizationsOladinrin, OT; Ho, MF