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1-Jul-1994Electromechanical properties of 1-3 piezoelectric ceramic/piezoelectric polymer compositesTaunaumang, H; Guy, IL; Chan, HLW 
2000Long-period gratings fabrication using piano-convex microlens arrayLitjt, SY; Man, WS; Tam, H ; Guan, BO; Demokan, MS
Jun-2000Growth of long-period gratings in H₂-loaded fiber after 193-nm UV inscriptionGuan, BO; Tam, HY ; Ho, SL ; Liu, MSY; Dong, XY
Oct-2000Highly stable fiber Bragg gratings written in hydrogen-loaded fiberGuan, BO; Tam, HY ; Tao, X ; Dong, XY
2001Postfabrication wavelength trimming of fiber Bragg gratings written in H2-loaded fibersGuan, BO; Tam, HY ; Lu, C; Dong, XY
2001Growth characteristics of long-period gratings in hydrogen-loaded fibre during and after 193 mn UV inscriptionGuan, BO; Tam, HY ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL ; Demokan, MS
Oct-2003Tensile strength of zinc oxide films measured by a microbridge methodOng, CW ; Zong, DG; Aravind, M; Choy, CL; Lu, DR
Jan-2010Synthetic fabrication of nanoscale MoS₂-based transition metal sulfidesWang, S; An, C; Yuan, J 
May-2011Broad-band and high-temperature ultrasonic transducer fabricated using a Pb(In[sub ½]Nb[sub ½])-Pb(Mg[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔])-PbTiO₃ single crystal/epoxy 1–3 compositeZhou, D; Cheung, KF; Lam, KH; Chen, Y; Chiu, YC; Dai, J ; Chan, HLW ; Luo, H
20-Jun-2011Novel fiber Bragg grating fabrication system for long gratings with independent apodization and with local phase and wavelength controlChung, KM; Dong, L; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2013Polydioxanone weft-knitted intestinal stents : fabrication and mechanics optimizationLi, G; Li, Y ; Lan, P; He, X; Hu, H 
2013A novel flexible capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) array with isolated metallic islands riveted to a polymer filmChong, PF; Shi, X; Cheng, CH 
2014A capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) array with nickel membranes in a convex shapeChong, PF; Shi, X; Cheng, CH