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2001Integration of expert system with analytic hierarchy process for the design of material handling equipment selection systemChan, FTS ; Ip, RWL; Lau, H
Sep-2001An example of expert system on numerical modelling system in coastal processesChau, KW ; Chen, W
2003An expert system to support the optimization of ion plating process : an OLAP-based fuzzy-cum-GA approachLeung, RWK; Lau, HCW; Kwong, CK 
2003An expert system for selection of retaining walls and groundwater controls in deep excavationYang, Y; Yin, JH ; Yuan, JX; Schulyer, JN
Sep-2004An expert system on design of liquid-retaining structures with blackboard architectureChau, KW ; Albermani, F
2005A multi-agent based wide-area current differential protection systemSu, S; Duan, XZ; Zeng, XJ; Li, KK; Chan, WL 
Dec-2005Prototype expert system for site selection of a sanitary landfillChau, KW 
2006An expert system on site selection of sanitary landfillChau, KW 
2006Agent-based self-healing protection systemSu, S; Li, KK; Chan, WL ; Zeng, X; Duan, X
2009An exploratory study on expert system's applications in fashion mass customizationLiu, N; Choi, TM ; Yuen, CWM; Ng, MCF 
2010Adaptive agent-based wide-area current differential protection systemSheng, S; Li, KK; Chan, WL ; Zeng, X; Shi, D; Duan, X
2013A Chaotic Bee Colony approach for supplier selection-order allocation with different discounting policies in a coopetitive multi-echelon supply chainJain, V; Kundu, A; Chan, FTS ; Patel, M