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2002Multiple-tuned liquid column dampers for torsional vibration control of structures : experimental investigationShum, KM; Xu, YL 
2003Hybrid platform for vibration control of high-tech equipment in buildings subjects to ground motion. part 1 : experimentXu, YL ; Liu, HJ; Yang, ZC
2007Dynamic performance of cable-stayed bridge tower with multi-stage pendulum mass damper under wind excitations - II : experimentGuo, A; Xu, YL ; Li, H
2008A 1-year follow-up of an experimental study of a self-management arthritis programme with an added exercise component of clients with osteoarthritis of the kneeYip, YB; Sit, JW; Wong, DYS; Chong, SYC; Chung, LH
2008Applying water cooled air conditioners in residential buildings in Hong KongChen, H; Lee, WL ; Yik, FWH
2012An experimental study on the effectiveness of a mutual support group for family caregivers of a relative with dementia in mainland ChinaWang, LQ; Chien, WT ; Lee, IYM
2013Experimental study of performance of a dry cooling and dedicated ventilation (DCDV) system under different space cooling load conditionsJia, J; Lee, WL ; Chen, H
2013Comparative study of traditional and group decision support-supported value management workshopsFan, S; Shen, Q ; Luo, X; Xue, X
2013ADaptive-scale damage detection for frame structures using beam-type wavelet finite element: Experimental validationZhu, S ; He, WY; Ren, WX
2014Effects of different inlet vent positions on the uniformity of humidity inside a building chamberPu, L; Li, Y; Xiao, F ; Ma, Z; Qi, D; Shen, S
2015Experimental study of the film thickness in the dehumidifier of a liquid desiccant air conditioning systemLuo, Y; Wang, M; Yang, H ; Lu, L ; Peng, J
2015Seismic mitigation of an existing building by connecting to a base-isolated building with visco-elastic dampersYang, Z; Lam, ESS