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15-Mar-2006Time-resolved photoluminescence of barium titanate ultrafine powdersLu, SG; Xu, ZK; Chen, H; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Li, KF; Cheah, KW
26-Nov-2007Modifications of the exciton lifetime and internal quantum efficiency for organic light-emitting devices with a weak/strong microcavityChen, XW; Choy, WCH; Liang, CJ; Wai, PKA ; He, S
30-Jan-2012Short circuit current improvement in planar heterojunction organic solar cells by multijunction charge transferWang, JC; Shi, SQ ; Leung, CW ; Lau, SP ; Wong, KY ; Chan, PKL
14-Apr-2013Crystallite size-modulated exciton emission in SnO₂ nanocrystalline films grown by sputteringPan, S; Yu, SF ; Zhang, YX; Luo, YY; Wang, S; Xu, JM; Li, GH
2015A new class of tunable heterojunction by using two support materials for the synthesis of supported bimetallic catalystsLiao, F; Lo, BT; Sexton, D; Qu, J; Ma, C; Chan, RCT; Lu, Q; Che, R; Kwok, WM ; He, H; Fairclough, S; Tsang, SCE