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1-Feb-1999Field-induced crossover from cluster-glass to ferromagnetic state in La₀.₇Sr₀.₃Mn₀.₇Co₀.₃O₃Li, X; Fan, XJ; Ji, G; Wu, W; Wong, KH; Choy, CL; Ku, HC
1-Feb-2006Universal time relaxation behavior of the exchange bias in ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayersDho, J; Leung, DCW ; Blamire, MG
1-Nov-2007Micromagnetic simulations of current-induced magnetization switching in Co/Cu/Co nanopillarsXiao, ZH; Ma, XQ; Wu, PP; Zhang, JX; Chen, LQ; Shi, SQ 
1-Feb-2009Magnetoelectric coupling induced by exchange striction in frustrated Ising spin chain : Monte Carlo simulationYao, X; Lo, VC; Liu, JM
1-Oct-2010Exchange interaction function for spin-lattice coupling in bcc ironWang, H; Ma, PW; Woo, CH
14-Nov-2011Anomalous second ferromagnetic phase transition as a signature of spinodal decomposition in Fe-doped GeTe diluted magnetic semiconductorTong, F; Hao, JH ; Chen, ZP; Gao, G; Tong, H; Miao, XS
11-Mar-2013Effect of the magnetic order on the room-temperature band-gap of Mn-doped ZnO thin filmsWang, XL; Luan, CY; Shao, Q; Pruna, A; Leung, CW ; Lortz, R; Zapien, JA; Ruotolo, A