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1996An improved quantitative measure of image restoration qualityChoy, SSO; Chan, YH ; Siu, WC 
2001Validating BMS sensors for chiller condition monitoringWang, S ; Wang, J; Burnett, J
2001Hybrid term indexing for weighted boolean and vector space modelsChow, KCW; Luk, RWP ; Wong, KF; Kwok, KL
2003Hybrid Chinese term indexing and the 2-Poisson modelLuk, RWP ; Wong, KF
2004Evaluation of a community rehabilitation service for people with rheumatoid arthritisSiu, AM ; Chui, DY
2005Gross motor function measure for children with cerebral palsyWong, ECY; Man, DWK 
2005Introducing a conference paper : getting interpersonal with your audienceHood, S; Forey, G 
2006Job performance evaluation for construction companies : an analytic network process approachCheng, EWL; Li, H 
2007Evaluation of the chronic disease self-management program in a Chinese populationSiu, AMH ; Chan, CCH ; Poon, PKK; Chui, DYY; Chan, SCC 
2007Development of a job evaluation system to predict job placements for persons with mild mental retardation : a pilot studyMan, DWK ; Li, EPY; Lam, CS
2007Evaluation of an osteoporosis prevention education programme for young adultsChan, MF; Kwong, WS; Zang, YL; Wan, PY
2007Evaluation of an integrated communication skills training program for nurses in cancer care in Beijing, ChinaLiu, JE; Mok, E ; Wong, T; Xue, L; Xu, B
2007The development of family mediation services in Hong Kong : review of an evaluation studyChan, YC ; Chun, RP; Lam, GL; Lam, SK 
1-Jul-2007Incorporation of sustainability concepts into a civil engineering curriculumChau, KW 
2008Knowledge-driven ANP approach to vendors evaluation for sustainable constructionChen, Z; Li, H ; Ross, A; Khalfan, MMA; Kong, SCW
2009曲线简化中节点重要性度量方法比较及垂比弦法的改进Deng, M; Chen, J; Li, ZL ; Xu, Z
2010Spiral gradient endpoint susceptibility testing : a fresh look at a neglected techniquePong, R; Boost, MV; O'Donoghue, MM ; Appelbaum, PC
2011Application of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) to evaluate environmental regulationsXu, Y; Chan, EHW ; Qian, QK
2012Governance of learning mechanisms : evidence from construction firmsFong, PSW ; Chen, L
Apr-2012Fuzzy set theory approach for measuring the performance of relationship-based construction projects in AustraliaYeung, FY; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM 
2013Evaluation for the conservation of historic buildings : differences between the laymen, professionals and policy makersYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW 
2014From heuristic optimization to dictionary learning : a review and comprehensive comparison of image denoising algorithmsShao, L; Yan, R; Li, X; Liu, Y 
2014A review of Delphi forecasting research in tourismLin, VS; Song, H 
2015Assessing the social impact of revitalising historic buildings on urban renewal: The case of a local participatory mechanismYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
2015Use of Jebsen Taylor Hand Function Test in evaluating the hand dexterity in people with Parkinson's diseaseMak, MKY ; Lau, ETL; Tam, VWK; Woo, CWY; Yuen, SKY
2015Evaluation of the social values and willingness to pay for conserving built heritage in Hong KongYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW