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1-Jun-1986Anomalous transport in lattice and continuum percolating systemsYu, KW
12-May-2003Ambient-temperature incorporated hydrogen in Nb:SrTiO₃ single crystalsDai, J ; Chen, WP; Pang, GKH; Lee, PF; Lam, HK; Wu, W; Chan, HLW 
1-Jul-2004Explicit expressions for the dynamic polarization behavior in ferroelectrics with symmetric/asymmetric electrical conductivityWong, CK; Tsang, CH; Shin, FG
1-Dec-2004Modeling of anomalous shift and asymmetric hysteresis behavior of ferroelectric thin filmsWong, CK; Shin, FG
24-Jan-2005A possible mechanism of anomalous shift and asymmetric hysteresis behavior of ferroelectric thin filmsWong, CK; Shin, FG
15-Mar-2005Electrical conductivity enhanced dielectric and piezoelectric properties of ferroelectric 0-3 compositesWong, CK; Shin, FG
15-Jul-2005Modeling of anomalous hysteresis behavior of compositionally graded ferroelectric films at low fieldsWong, CK; Shin, FG
1-Aug-2005Effects of polarization and permittivity gradients and other parameters on the anomalous vertical shift behavior of graded ferroelectric thin filmsZhou, Y; Chan, HK; Lam, CH ; Shin, FG
6-Feb-2006Enhanced piezoelectric and pyroelectric effects in single-phase multiferroic Bi[sub 1−x]Nd[sub x]FeO₃ (x = 0–0.15)Yuan, GL; Or, DSW 
15-Jul-2006Electrical conductivity enhanced dielectric and ferroelectric properties of interface-coupled ferroelectric superlatticesZhou, Y; Shin, FG
15-Aug-2006Magnetoelectric effect of mildly conducting magnetostrictive/piezoelectric particulate compositesZhou, Y; Shin, FG
3-Oct-2006Probing deep level centers in GaN epilayers with variable-frequency capacitance-voltage characteristics of Au/GaN Schottky contactsWang, RX; Xu, SJ; Shi, SL; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Zhao, DG; Yang, H; Tao, X 
2007Electrically conductive yarns based on PVA/carbon nanotubesXue, P; Park, KH; Tao, XM ; Chen, W; Cheng, XY
1-Dec-2007Study on the crystallization by an electrical resistance measurement in Ge₂Sb₂Te₅ and N-doped Ge₂Sb₂Te₅ filmsHu, DZ; Lu, XM; Zhu, JS; Yan, F 
17-Dec-2007Enhancement of piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties of composite films using polymer electrolyte matrixChau, KH; Wong, YW; Shin, FG
2008Polycarbonate-carbon nanofibers composites : an electron spin resonance studyChipara, M; Brittain, WJ; Lau, KT ; Chipara, MD
1-May-2009Nearly constant dielectric loss behavior in poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) biodegradable polyesterKe, S; Huang, H ; Ren, L; Wang, Y
15-Apr-2010Anisotropy of the electrical transport properties in a Ni₂MnGa single crystal : experiment and theoryZeng, M; Cai, MQ; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW 
2011Electrically conductive fibers/yarns with sensing behavior from PVA and carbon blackXue, P; Tao, XM ; Park, KH
17-Jan-2011Uniaxial strain-modulated conductivity in manganite superlattice (LaMnO₃/SrMnO₃)Cao, D; Cai, MQ; Hu, WY; Peng, J; Zheng, Y; Huang, H 
2015A novel rapid electropulsing treatment on AZO thin ceramic filmsMiao, D; Zhao, H; Li, A; Shang, S 
2015Electrical and mechanical properties of short-carbon-fiber reinforced polymerized cyclic butylene terephthalate compositesYang, B; Zhang, JF; Zhang, L; Fan, SH; Zhou, LM