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2005A comparative study of Kalman filtering for sensorless control of a permanent-magnet synchronous motor driveBorsje, P; Chan, TF; Wong, YK; Ho, SL 
1999Control of PWM inverter using a discrete-time sliding mode controllerWong, LK; Leung, FHF ; Tam, PKS
2004New estimation scheme of the arbitrary rotor position at standstill for the sensorless switched reluctance motor driveXue, X; Cheng, KWE ; Ho, SL ; Cheng, DKW
2002A rule-based acceleration control scheme for an induction motorShi, KL; Shi, K. L.; Chan, T. F.; Chan, TF; Wong, Yiu-kwong; Wong, YK ; Ho, SL ; Ho, Siu-lau