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1994Analysis of switching dc-dc converters using a grid-point approachLeung, FHF ; Tam, PKS; Kwok, DP; Cheung, CY
1999Adaptive B-spline network control for three-phase PWM AC-DC voltage source converterCheng, KWE ; Wang, HY; Sutanto, D
Dec-1999Analytical prediction of armature-reaction field in disc-type permanent magnet generatorsZhang, YJ; Ho, SL ; Wong, HCC; Xie, GD
2005Current equalizing for a multi-modular current source converterJun, L; Xu, D; Cheng, KWE 
2005Synthesis of impedance using switching convertersLiu, JCP; Tse, CKM ; Poon, NK; Pong, BMH; Lai, YM 
2006Design of current-sharing control interface circuits for hot swappable N + X power modulesChen, Yi
2008Nonlinear control of switched-capacitor converter using sliding mode control approachTan, SC; Bronstein, S; Nur, M; Lai, YM ; Ioinovici, A; Tse, CKM