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2001Measurement of the layered compressive properties of trypsintreated articular cartilage: An ultrasound investigationZheng, YP ; Ding, CX; Bai, J; Mak, AFT; Qin, L
2002Ultrasound detection of trypsin-treated articular cartilage : its association with cartilaginous proteoglycans assessed by histological and biochemical methodsQin, L; Zheng, Y ; Leung, C; Mak, A; Choy, W; Chan, K
Sep-2005Ultrasonic measurement of depth-dependent transient behaviors of articular cartilage under compressionZheng, YP ; Niu, H; Mak, AFT; Huang, YP
2007Extraction of mechanical properties of articular cartilage from osmotic swelling behavior monitored using high frequency ultrasoundWang, Q; Zheng, YP ; Niu, HJ; Mak, AFT
2011An implementation of ultrasonic tissue elastography in a conventional ultrasound scannerZheng, YP ; Zhou, YJ; Huang, ZM
2011Soft tissue elasticity measurement : techniques,instrument and applicationsZheng, YP ; Huang, YP
2011In-vitro strain and modulus measurements in porcine cervical lymph nodesYuen, QWH; Zheng, YP ; Huang, YP; He, JF; Cheung, JCW; Ying, M 
2011In-vivo strain measurement for surgically repaired Achilles tendon under isometric contraction using real-time ultrasound imagingZheng, YP ; Chan, JYL; Ng, KH; Ding, SJ; Li, TJ; Li-Tsang, CWP 
2011Study on elasticity of articular cartilage using osmosis-induced swelling and ultrasound elastomicroscopyWang, Q; Zheng, YP 
2013Three-dimensional elastography for Cervical Lymph Node volume measurements : a study to investigate feasibility, accuracy and reliabilityYing, M ; Zheng, YP ; Kot, BCW; Cheung, JCW; Cheng, SCH; Kwong, DLW
2014Review of ultrasonography of malignant neck nodes : greyscale, doppler, contrast enhancement and elastographyYing, M ; Bhatia, KSS; Lee, YP; Yuen, HY; Ahuja, AT