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15-Apr-1984Computer simulation of end-linked elastomers. I. Trifunctional networks cured in the bulkLeung, YK; Eichinger, BE
15-Apr-1984Computer simulation of end-linked elastomers. II. Bulk cured tetrafunctional networksLeung, YK; Eichinger, BE
1999Layered elastic model for analysis of cone penetration testingYue, ZQ; Yin, JH 
26-Nov-2001Destabilization of dislocation dipole at high velocityWang, J; Woo, CH; Huang, H
2002Out-of-plane advanced analysis of steel structuresTrahair, NS; Chan, SL 
2002Stress and failure analysis of woven composite plates with adhesive patch-reinforced circular holeTse, PC; Lau, KJ; Wong, WH
5-Nov-2002Competing roughening mechanisms in strained heteroepitaxy : a fast kinetic Monte Carlo studyLam, CH ; Lee, CK; Sander, LM
2003Out-of-plane advanced analysis of steel structuresTrahair, NS; Chan, SL 
2004Investigation of the behavior of an interface crack between two half-planes of orthotropic functionally graded materials by using a new methodZhou, ZG; Wang, B; Yang, LJ
Jul-2004New relationship between Young's modulus and nonideally sharp indentation parametersMa, D; Ong, CW ; Wong, SF
2005A refined finite element formulation for flexural and torsional buckling of beam-columns with finite rotationsGu, JX; Chan, SL 
2005Stresses and displacements of a transversely isotropic elastic halfspace due to rectangular loadingsYue, ZQ; Xiao, HT; Tham, LG; Lee, CF; Yin, JH 
15-May-2005Electrostriction of lead zirconate titanate/polyurethane compositesLam, KS; Zhou, Y; Wong, YW; Shin, FG
Mar-2007Modelling and forecasting international tourist arrivals to mainland ChinaSong, H ; Fei, B
1-Aug-2007Effective properties of spherically anisotropic piezoelectric compositesGu, GQ; Wei, EB; Poon, YM; Shin, FG
Dec-2007A systematic study of the validation of Oliver and Pharr’s methodShu, S; Lu, J; Li, D
1-Mar-2008Dielectric responses of anisotropic graded granular composites having arbitrary inclusion shapesWei, EB; Gu, GQ; Poon, YM
Aug-2008An improved energy method for determining Young’s modulus by instrumented indentation using a Berkovich tipMa, D; Ong, CW ; Zhang, T
Jan-2009An optical coherence tomography (OCT)-based air jet indentation system for measuring the mechanical properties of soft tissuesHuang, YP; Zheng, YP ; Wang, S; Chen, ZP; Huang, QH; He, YH
Mar-2009Can Young’s modulus and hardness of wire structural materials be directly measured using nanoindentation?Shu, S; Yang, Y; Fu, T; Wen, CS; Lu, J
Nov-2009Evaluation of bone-tendon junction healing using water jet ultrasound indentation methodLu, MH; Zheng, YP ; Lu, HB; Huang, QH; Qin, L
2010The effect of aging on the biomechanical properties of plantar soft tissuesKwan, RLC; Zheng, YP ; Cheing, GLY 
2010Import demand response of MFA apparel/non-apparel fibers & cottons in the Uinted States : a case of China and HKLau, CK; To, KM ; Zhang, ZM
Apr-2010Confidence intervals for tourism demand elasticitySong, H ; Kim, JH; Yang, S
15-Sep-2010Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of shape transition of strained quantum dotsLam, CH 
2011Novel indentation techniques for measurement of soft tissue elasticity : a brief introductionZheng, YP ; Huang, YP
2011Traditional indentation test for measurement of soft tissue elasticityHuang, YP; Zheng, YP 
2011Measurement of soft tissue elasticity in vitro-common methods and applicationsHuang, YP; Zheng, YP 
2011Soft tissue elasticity measurement : techniques,instrument and applicationsZheng, YP ; Huang, YP
2011Magnetic resonance-based soft tissue elasticity measurementHuang, YP; Zheng, YP 
2011Changes in the thickness and stiffness of plantar soft tissues in people with diabetic peripheral neuropathySun, JH; Cheng, BK; Zheng, YP ; Huang, YP; Leung, JY; Cheing, GL 
2012Immediate effect of Nimmo receptor tonus technique on muscle elasticity, pain perception, and disability in subjects with chronic low back painKoo, TK; Cohen, JH; Zheng, Y 
2012Dynamic changes of elasticity, cross-sectional area, and fat infiltration of multifidus at different postures in men with chronic low back painChan, ST; Fung, PK; Ng, NY; Ngan, TL; Chong, MY; Tang, CN; He, JF; Zheng, YP 
2012Housing wealth, stock wealth and consumption expenditure : a dynamic analysis for Hong KongHui, ECM ; Zheng, X; Zuo, WJ
2014Carbon nanotubes based high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber nanocomposite with excellent elasticity and electrical propertiesShang, SM ; Gan, L; Yuen, MCW; Jiang, SX ; Luo, NM
2016Reply to letter to the editor : "Effects of different heel angles in sleep mode on heel interface pressure in the elderly"Tong, SF; Yip, J 
2016Determining in vivo elasticity and viscosity with dynamic Scheimpflug imaging analysis in keratoconic and healthy eyesWang, LK; Tian, L; Zheng, YP